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23 dBm Dual Wide Band Cell Phone Booster with Display
23 dBm Dual Wide Band Cell Phone Booster with Display
  • 23 dBm Dual Wide Band Cell Phone Booster with Display
  • C23S-Mobile Signal Repeater-1
  • C23S-Mobile Signal Repeater-2
  • C23S-Mobile Signal Repeater-3

23 dBm Dual Wide Band Cell Phone Booster with Display

Product Feature:

Boosting cellphone signal in multi-level buildings (2500-6000 sq.m)

Reducing dropped calls with low interference to base station

Low signal distortion using high linear design

Stable coverage & transmit power with Automatic Level Control (ALC)

Manual Gain Control (MGC) to adjust coverage area freely/span>

Auto shut off of Uplink: When there is no one making calls then the Uplink will be dormant

Auto protection: When the self-excitation occurs, it will auto shut down.

OLED design to show Working frequency, gain, output power, signal intensity etc.

Conserving cellphone battery life

In mobile communication, it is inevitable that macro-cell coverage cannot cover weak or dead zones; to use repeater is a good choice in these areas. It mainly applied in covering small blind and weak zones, Such as VIP rooms, offices, houses, restaurants, apartments, parking lots, etc.

Amplitec C23S Mobile Signal RepeaterC23S Moible Signal Booster

Standard Package    
   1) AC90-264V, DC12V/2A power supply adapter 1PCS 
   2) AC power cord (EU standard/ US standard/ UK standard/ SA standard/ China standard etc.)  1PCS 
   3) Installation kit 1PCS 
   4) User manual 1PCS

Frequency rangeUplinkDownlink
EGSM/ LTE 8880-915MHz925-960MHz
DCS/ LTE 31710-1785MHz1805-1880MHz
PCS/ LTE 21850-1910MHz1930-1990MHz
CDMA/ LTE 5824-849MHz869-894MHz
WCDMA/ LTE 11920-1980MHz2110-2170MHz
AWS/ LTE 41710~1755MHz2110~2155MHz

Frequency Range850 + 1900824 ~ 849MHz/1850~ 1910 MHz869 ~ 894 MHz/1930~ 1990 MHz
850 + WCDMA824 ~ 849 MHz /1920 ~ 1980 MHz869 ~ 894 MHz/2110 ~ 2170 MHz
EGSM + WCDMA880 ~ 915 MHz/1920 ~ 1980 MHz925 ~ 960 MHz/2110 ~ 2170 MHz
GSM + DCS890 ~ 915 MHz/1710 ~ 1785 MHz935 ~ 960 MHz/1805 ~ 1880 MHz
Output PowerCDMA23±2 dBm23±2 dBm
PCS23±2 dBm23±2 dBm
GainCDMA73±2 dB73±2 dB
PCS73±2 dB73±2 dB
RippleCDMA≤8 dB, PCS≤10 dB, EGSM≤15 dB, WCDMA≤6 dB
Noise Figure @ max. gainCDMA≤8 dB≤8 dB
PCS≤8 dB≤8 dB
step of 1 dB
1~10 dB∣△∣≤1 dB∣△∣≤1 dB
10~20 dB∣△∣≤1 dB∣△∣≤1 dB
20~25 dB∣△∣≤1.5 dB∣△∣≤1.5 dB
ALC Active 10dBCDMA∣△∣≤2 dB∣△∣≤2 dB
PCS∣△∣≤2 dB∣△∣≤2 dB
Intermodulation Products≤-40 dBc≤-40 dBc
Spurious Emission9KHz~1GHz≤-36 dBm≤-36 dBm
1GHz~12.75GHz≤-30 dBm≤-30 dBm
Time Delay≤0.5 μs≤0.5 μs
Power SupplyDC: 12V/2A
Power Consumption< 20W
RF ConnectorN-Female
Environment ConditionsIP40
Humidity< 90%
Operating Temperature-10℃ ~ +55℃

Project Case: