Indoor coverage solution

Indoor coverage for small area is mainly to solve the problem of weak signal and no signal. The tele-traffic is not a major contradiction. Use the low-power indoor wide band repeater and the antenna distribution system to cover. Suitable for the house, basement, small office, café etc.

The signal strength from outdoor antenna directly affects the efficiency of the indoor coverage. It's important to choose the location of the outdoor antenna. Normally is designed to be installed on the roof for optimum performance. Such as put in the attic or outside the window etc.

In order to avoid signal oscillation on the repeater, there needs to be certain distance between outdoor antenna and indoor antenna, such as vertical distance for 6meters or a concrete wall as an obstacle between them

Low-power indoor wide band repeater: such as our C10H-GSM for GSM system, 10dBm output power; C20D-GDW for GSM+DCS+WCDMA triple systems, 20dBm output power 

Project Case:

Indoor Coverage Solution for Factory Office

Indoor Coverage Solution for Farm House