Coverage Solution for High-rise Building

High-end users occupy a big proportion of the high-rise building areas, with a large communicate traffic. They are very sensitive with the quality of the internet, require a stable signal quality and a fast data transfer speed rate. But the building has a strong shielding effect on the mobile terminal to receive the signal in high-rise buildings. In high-rise buildings, there are mobile signal blind spots in the basements, the lower floors and the elevators.

With Ping-Pong effect on the higher floors, causing frequently switching, pilot pollution and poor call quality of the mobile station. In addition, in some buildings, although the mobile phone can be used normally to call, the large density and the congestion of the base station channel, make the mobile phones difficult to get on line.

According to the current status of the network, the construction of the indoor distribution system can solve the above problems effectively. The indoor coverage system is a successful solution for indoor users to improve in-building mobile communications in the signal blind or weak zones. The principle of the indoor coverage system is to use the indoor antenna distribution system to receive the signal of the mobile base station and then cover the every corner inside, so as to ensure the indoor region has an ideal signal coverage.

1) Repeater (Eg:W40-GSM) + antenna feeder system
2) Repeater (Eg:W40-GSM) + line amplifier (Eg:L33-GSM) + antenna feeder system
3) Multi repeaters (Introducing a plurality of base station sector signals to solve the big traffic problem)
4) MDAS system: Main unit + Extended unit + Remote Unit + antennas + Fibre.

Project Case: