City subway coverage solution

    Subway is the relatively new type of transportation, which can greatly ease the ground traffic congestion. Subway is an important means of transport for citizens to go to work, travel, take a leisure life and go shopping as it is convenient, comfortable and time-saving. Subway operating range mostly are in the tunnels particularly excavated, which has the features of closed structure, narrow space and the zonal distribution of the network signal, when the mobile station switch and reselect fast and frequently and the terminals move in a high speed , it will bring the Doppler effects. This area is the blind zone for mobile communication, must be covered.

The most outstanding feature of the coverage of urban railway transportation is multiple accessing systems, wide coverage, high requirements for coverage and the higher requirements for installation environment.User requirement is mostly voice service, but the high-end customers also demand high-speed data service.

In tunnels, using the fiber optical distribution system and the leak cable for coverage. The station hall and the side platform adopts antenna array to cover. Island platform adopts leak cable plus the antenna array to cover.

Solution: For the station platform: Repeater + line amplifier + ceiling antenna system For the tunnel: Repeater + line amplifier + leaked cable system

Project Case: