MDAS Solution

        MDAS Multi-service distribution system breaks through the traditional coverage solutions, and it is widely used in the following scenarios:

        1) Intensive buildings, narrow roads, mostly are weak cover areas

        Macro station coverage is limited. The owners are sensitive to the traditional equipment and with a strong awareness of rights. The traditional way "RF cable + antenna" is difficult to implement 

        With the increase of 3G users, the pressure of internet quality is higher and higher, and users not only complain but also safeguard their rights. The construction of internet is facing a big challenge.

        2) Streets/ Stores

  •                     The outdoor signal is better, while inside the store is very weak.

  •                     About the traditional outdoor construction, it is difficult to coordinate all owners.

  •                     A lot of mobile phone users; huge mobile traffic; High requirements of data service

        3) Hotel/Office/Apartment

  •                     Antenna is difficult to deploy according to demand. Traditional distribution system could only cover the public area. Even though antenna points install inside the room,it is still difficult to control signal leakage.

  •                     Low floors of the buildings: multi-partition wall, entrance and corridor have good signal, the signal inside room is bad

  •                     High-floor of buildings: outdoor BTS has a strong signal, difficult to control the Ping-Pong effect and pilot pollution problem

  •                     Property coordination difficulties

  •                     Antennas and RF cable laying difficulties, low property acceptance

  •                     Access lots of connectors and passive accessories, difficult to make sure the quality

  •                     Cloth coaxial cable construction difficult, long duration

  •                     Management and maintenance difficulties

  •                     Feed, power cables easy to be stolen

  •                     Passive node is difficult to monitor and maintain, the investigation difficult

Features of MDAS solution

  •                     Cable / fiber optic transmission medium, hidden construction, reduce property difficulties to coordinate

  •                     "Low-power, multi-antenna" way to achieve fixed / exact cover

  •                     RF unit close to the client, improving SNR, promoting system efficiency

  •                     Full network monitoring, maintenance and optimization to improve efficiency

  •                     Port to port design, system tuning, debugging and optimizing convenience

  •                     Multiservice solution

  •                     Reduce the requirements of multi-service for passive accessories

Diagram of MDAS Solution

Project Case: