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Amplitec Corporation Outdoor Development Training


On 9th December, Amplitec corporation attended the outdoor development training on Jiangmen city Yanshan hotel. 

We reached to the training base on 8:30am.

The first game, guessed the card number.

Summarized after the first game.

Rock Climbing game, the most difficult game. 

Patted the 30 numbers within 25 seconds. 

Then summarized after the game. 

The finally game, climbed over the graduation wall!

The final winner team!

We are Amplitec!

Through this outdoor training, all of us were more realized that the important of team work, in our life, in our work, many things and working must need team work to finish, every one has his or her advantage and disadvantage, but we help each other, and encourage each other, then we can finally achieve our goal.