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Are cell phone signal stickers and self-made cell phone signal booster an IQ tax?

Are cell phone signal stickers and self-made cell phone signal booster an IQ tax?


    Recently, a friend privately messaged me two things, namely, a cell phone signal sticker and a self-made cell phone signal amplifier. It is inevitable to make a comparison with the mobile phone signal boosters currently on the market, because they are all tools to enhance the mobile phone signal, why the price is so cheap, especially the mobile phone signal stickers, it is simply the price of cabbage. Well, today I will clear all doubts for you.

Are cell phone signal stickers and self-made cell phone signal booster an IQ tax?

    The mobile phone signal sticker claims to be able to make the mobile phone signal full by just sticking it inside the battery box. The low price has successfully captured everyone's consumer psychology of "no big loss". Even if it is against common sense, everyone is willing to pay for it. Easy to install is also a very good feature. Open the back cover of the phone, take out the battery, and wipe the sticker position clean. Then gently peel the signal booster from the blister card, stick it in place, retrieve the battery and cover, and power it on. It is claimed that the effect of using it is equivalent to the addition of a receiving antenna to the mobile phone.

    It's hard to imagine that a few-cent sticker with nothing technical in it can boost your phone's signal. At least I have been in the business for 16 years so far, no matter in terms of industry experience and technical knowledge, I can't see the mystery. So, with the mentality of learning, I bought a few mobile phone signal posts to test, in order to protect the business and this article passed the review smoothly, I will not upload the picture. The result is that it is useless, and it has not successfully enhanced the mobile phone signal. I even worry about whether these materials will cause spontaneous combustion due to the heat of the battery.

    Then let's talk about self-made mobile phone signal repeater, which are generally not sold in the market, and are shared by some technology enthusiasts on online videos. But I have to say that you can try boldly out of the mentality of playing or exploring technology, but if you really want to make your own and use it yourself, it is strongly not recommended.

    Why? Because many factors are uncontrollable, such as heat dissipation, electrical appliances will inevitably heat up, but generally homemade mobile phone signal boosters will not have heat dissipation devices, and the choice of materials is very particular. If it is not handled properly and the device is overheated, the possibility of spontaneous combustion cannot be ruled out, which is very dangerous. Another example is the debugging of parameter indicators. Our mobile phone signal booster manufacturers have professional equipment to debug the parameter indicators of each machine to ensure that each machine meets the requirements. Without parameter adjustment, not only will the coverage effect become unstable, but it will also cause serious pressure on the base station, because a lot of noise will be transmitted back to the base station. However, compared to mobile phone signal posts, this one still respects science, and I personally still admire these friends who spread the principles of technology.

    Having said that, I believe that everyone has their own judgments on whether mobile phone signal stickers and self-made mobile phone signal amplifiers are IQ taxes. I appeal to everyone to choose a regular mobile phone signal booster, which is reasonable if it exists.

    Well, that's the end of today's sharing. If you have any questions about signal coverage, you can privately message me. Follow me, I will share the knowledge of mobile phone signal coverage with you from time to time, see you in the next issue.

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