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Can cell phone signal booster reduce radiation?

Can cell phone signal booster reduce radiation?


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        Many people put forward the point of view that mobile phone signal booster have radiation, but it has been proved that a qualified mobile phone signal amplifier can reduce radiation instead.

        In many urban villages and blind areas of mobile phone signal coverage, such as basements and various entertainment venues, there are weak mobile phone signals, which lead to problems such as communication obstacles and poor Internet access speed. Many owners or residents will try to solve the problem of weak mobile phone signals, so mobile phones The signal amplifier/micro repeater came into being and is deeply loved by all people, but often many people who do not know these devices will mistakenly think that this mobile phone signal amplifier/micro repeater has a lot of radiation, especially in the home. The elderly, children, pregnant women.

In response to your concerns, here are some explanations for you:

        In fact, every electronic product has radiation, and every substance in nature, animate and inanimate, also has radiation, and the human body also produces radiation, but the magnitude of radiation varies. Like a mobile phone signal amplifier/micro repeater, it has radiation, but its radiation is very small, not as large as that of a TV, or even less than that of a mobile phone.

        When the mobile phone has a weak signal, the radiation emitted is 1000 times higher than usual, because when the mobile phone is in a weak signal area, the design of the mobile phone itself is to try to keep in touch with the communication base station and obtain the best signal effect, so the mobile phone will When the signal is weak, the transmit/receive power is automatically enhanced, so the radiation emitted by the mobile phone when the signal is weak is 1000 times the usual. As we all know, it is a common sense not to put your mobile phone by the bed when you sleep, especially in areas with weak signal.

        To sum up, installing a set of mobile phone signal amplifier/micro repeater in a weak signal area will not only not increase the radiation, but will have less radiation than when the mobile phone signal amplifier/micro repeater is not installed, and the mobile phone signal The radiation generated by the amplifier/micro repeater itself is equivalent to the radiation of natural stones, cement walls and other objects, and the damage to the human body is negligible.

        Of course, there are good and bad products in all walks of life. Now there are many kinds of mobile phone signal amplifiers/micro repeaters on the market, with various patterns. Although inferior mobile phone signal amplifiers/micro repeaters can play a role in signal amplification However, due to the irregular procurement of various electronic components of inferior mobile phone signal amplifiers and the use of worn out second-hand devices, there is no guarantee in terms of quality, and all indicators are not in line with ROHS/CE, Therefore, inferior mobile phone signal amplifiers will generate more radiation, but the radiation of high-quality mobile phone signal amplifiers is negligible.

        Guangdong Amplitec Tech Development Co.,Ltd, as the top mobile phone signal booster manufacturer in China, not only ensures the use effect of the mobile phone signal repeater, but also protects the health of consumers.

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