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Can't your cell phone receive signal on the outside? High-gain antenna and mobile phone signal booster help you

Can't your cell phone receive signal on the outside? High-gain antenna and mobile phone signal booster help you


    Mobile phones can't receive signals outdoors, let alone indoor mobile phone signals. So is there no way to improve this situation? Not necessarily.

    First of all, I will briefly explain the working principle of the mobile phone signal booster with you again. Receive the outdoor signal through the outdoor antenna, transmit it to the indoor mobile phone signal amplifier through the cable for signal amplification, and then use the indoor antenna to cover the area that needs signal amplification. Therefore, from a superficial understanding, the mobile phone signal booster cannot play a role in amplifying the mobile phone signal when the signal cannot be received outdoors. Therefore, when we install outdoor antennas, we try to install them as high as possible. It can be a roof or a mountain top, reducing the blocking of buildings and other obstacles.

    However, some areas are really far away from the base station. What should I do if this conventional method is no longer applicable? We can choose a high-gain outdoor directional antenna. A conventional household outdoor antenna has a gain of only about 9dBi, but a high-gain outdoor directional antenna can be as high as 24dBi. The ability to receive outdoor signals will be greatly improved. Including large-area coverage of some villages, high-gain outdoor directional antennas are used to receive signals at the top of the mountain, such as grid antennas and large plate antennas. Then use a high gain large plate antenna as a service antenna (indoor antenna) towards the village. It can cover the signal coverage of the whole village. Therefore, in this situation where the signal cannot be received at a high place, be sure to choose a high-gain outdoor antenna.

outdoor antenna

Then use a high-gain outdoor antenna to obtain the outdoor signal, and then amplify the signal through the mobile phone signal repeater. Then we can receive a better mobile phone signal indoors.

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