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Cell phone signal booster maintenance skills

Cell phone signal booster maintenance skills


        Many people often choose to install a mobile phone signal amplifier at home because of poor signal. The mobile phone signal amplifier is also called a mobile phone signal booster. As the name suggests, its function is to enhance the transmission of the signal.

        Sometimes after using it for a long time, it is inevitable that we will encounter the failure of the mobile phone signal amplifier. Today, I will explain to you the maintenance skills after the amplifier fails:        

        First of all, our first reaction is to check whether the power supply of the amplifier is on normally. Generally, if the power supply light is not on, there must be a problem with the power adapter. If the adapter is broken, we can buy a new one. , If there is no problem with the power light, then the amplifier must be broken. In this case, we can only take it to the place where you purchased it for maintenance. Generally, these products have a relatively long warranty period. Disassemble the device, otherwise the store will not guarantee it at that time, then buy it again.

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Cell phone signal booster maintenance skills

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