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CommunicAsia 2010

CommunicAsia 2010
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CommunicAsia 2010
CommunicAsia 2010 As the biggest ICT event in Asia markets . this year , more than 1300 exhibitors from 52 countries / regions and 24 group pavilions are coming together . 55150 local and international industry visitors , conference speakers and delegates , exhibiting staff and members of the media participated in a full week of activities at CommunicAsia2010 and BroadcastAsia 2010 .
Amplitec participated this event and exhibited the latest products to the customers came from all over the world . on this participation , we met with our old customers / partners and enhanced the relaships , further more , we showcased and introduced our products and technology to public as bellow :
1)      Pico consumer repeaters solutions
2)      In Building Solutions ( Indoor repeaters and Antennas )
3)      Fiber optical repeaters solutions
4)      Channel selective repeaters solutions
5)      Outdoor high power repeaters solutions
Amplitec Booth

 Introducing Consumer Repeaters

Products introduction focus

Took photo after nice talking