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Do we really need to install a cell phone signal booster?

Do we really need to install a cell phone signal booster?


cellular phone booster

        With a little attention, you can often see the installation in tall buildings, villas, clubs, high-rise buildings, office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, KTV, basements and other large places, as well as in rural mountainous areas, urban villages, suitable for underground civil air defense projects, subway stations and many other places. Mobile phone signal repeater to solve the problem of poor signal such as blind areas and weak areas of these signals. But do we really need to install a cell phone signal booster?        

        1. With the rapid development of the global economy, the requirements for mobile communication services are getting higher and higher. The rapid development of the mobile communication industry and the rapid increase of mobile users have resulted in smaller and smaller cellular plans and smaller and smaller mobile phone signal coverage.

        2. With the rapid development of the city, the planned use area of the city is getting smaller and smaller, and the high-rise buildings in the city are getting higher and higher. The signal base stations on the back of these high-rise buildings or underground are blocked by high-rise buildings, and the signal attenuation is serious. The mobile signal received by the mobile phone is also weakened.

        3. With the rapid development and renewal of cities, the level of decoration and decoration on the exterior of buildings has also improved. The commonly used metal steel structures, aluminum alloy structures, etc. absorb and reflect signals, so that mobile phone users in the building cannot normally receive the outdoors cell phone signal.

        4. Due to the blocking and reflection of electromagnetic wave signals by buildings, some places in closed buildings, such as shopping malls, supermarkets, KTVs, bars, underground parking lots, etc., cannot actually receive external mobile phone signals normally.

        In view of the above four points, in order to enable normal communication between mobile phones, normal calls and Internet access, we need to install a set of mobile phone signal amplifier equipment, so as to amplify the normal signal outside the mobile phone to the place we need, and give it to the inside. Staff or customer personnel bring convenience on their phones.

        Amplitec has a very powerful mobile phone signal booster, which can guarantee 100% solution to the problem of weak signal. It can not only support 2G 3G 4G 5G at the same time, but also provide outdoor signal coverage.

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