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Do you know how smart the real cell phone signal booster function is?

Do you know how smart the real cell phone signal booster function is?


Today in the 21st century, there are still many people who do not know the existence of mobile phone signal boosters, and are resigned to weak signals, but in fact, each of us can easily solve the problem of no mobile phone signal. For details, see my previous article. What I want to talk to you about today is not this point, but to sigh that the real mobile phone signal repeater function is so smart now.

How many people will directly burn out the host because of improper installation when installing the signal booster. How many people have cell phone signal boosters that don't work properly after a while. How many people have installed amplifiers with unqualified parameters and have been complained by operators?

But, did you know that a real cell phone signal booster can avoid these situations? Because they are so powerful that we cannot imagine.

I will now reveal to you how smart and amazing it is.

cell phone signal repeater

Assuming that my mobile phone signal is very weak, I bought a real mobile phone signal amplifier. After connecting the machine by installing the antenna, because I am a novice and do not understand the details of the installation, I did not pay attention to the isolation degree during the installation. The problem, at this time, the I.S.O function of the machine will start, the I.S.O indicator light will turn red, the power will be cut off automatically, and the circuit board of the signal booster will be protected in time. After testing, there have been no problems, such as not cutting off the power supply in time. Not only that, at the moment of power-on, the machine will automatically detect whether the isolation is up to standard, and there is a self-checking action, which is very user-friendly.

Not only that, in the process of using the signal amplifier, it will automatically adjust the gain and output power of the machine according to the changes of the environment, so that the effect of the machine is the most perfect, unless it has exceeded the starting control range value, this is the ALC function. In this way, the signal of our mobile phone will not be fluctuated. Without this function, if there are many users nearby or affected by environmental factors, the signal fluctuation will be very obvious. Obviously, the signal is full one second before, and the video cannot be refreshed in the next second.

If it is a professional customer who needs to manually adjust to a certain power and gain, it is also supported. Because of the AGC function, it is possible to manually adjust the power and gain of the signal booster. Because it is not to say that the greater the power, the better, it depends on the actual application. It can reduce the load of the base station, so this function is very popular with operators.

In addition, you can choose to separately amplify the signal strength of a certain frequency range, just like DCS, the uplink is 1710mhz-1785mhz, and the downlink is 1805mhz-1880mhz. The 20M bandwidth can be individually selected for individual amplification, which can limit the load of the base station, and the effect will be better and more stable.

In fact, aside from some professional functions, for individual users, it is not difficult to see that it is actually a lazy signal amplifier. Even if I don't have the slightest knowledge in this area, this mobile phone signal enhancer can help me solve all problems. Just power up and you're done. And the average service life is more than 3 years. The level of intelligence is beyond imagination.

However, because the price is higher than that of ordinary mobile phone signal booster, few suppliers on the market sell such amplifiers in the civilian market. But the author personally believes that this kind of mobile phone signal booster with complete functions and qualified parameters should be used for civilian use. Even if the price is higher, you can use it with confidence and comfort, instead of worrying about whether this thing can work normally or whether there are radiation problems.

I am the king of mobile phone coverage, follow me and share practical knowledge with you. See you next time.

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