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how can i improve mobile signal in my house

how can i improve mobile signal in my house


    There are many friends who privately message the mobile phone signal coverage king. They live in urban villages, and the houses are too crowded. At home, the mobile phone can't receive the signal at all. Usually, they can only rely on WIFI to surf the Internet. But sometimes when there is a power outage or need to make a phone call, it is very inconvenient, and it is impossible to effectively seek help in an emergency. Is there any way to easily solve the problem of no mobile phone signal?

mobile cellular booster

    In fact, many articles have been shared before about signal coverage at home, and you may still find it a bit complicated. Or the reason is understood, but in the process of actually installing the mobile cell phone signal booster, it seems that there will be more problems. Here are some of the problems that people have reported more frequently, such as unable to find a better signal source outdoors; able to find a better signal source outdoors but without a place to install an outdoor antenna; able to find a better signal source outdoors but with actual wiring It will be very long, resulting in excessive line loss; after installing the mobile cell phone signal repeater according to the steps, it still has no effect, and I don't know where the problem is.

    In order to consolidate the process of installing mobile cell phone signal amplifiers, I will briefly talk about it here. First of all, install the outdoor antenna in the place with the best signal source. If you can see the nearby base station, it is recommended to use a directional antenna, such as log periodic antenna, Yagi antenna, etc., facing the direction of the base station. If it is in a dense urban village and it is impossible to determine the location of the base station, then use a higher gain omnidirectional antenna, such as a fiberglass antenna, to receive the signal of the base station in 360°. Is this detail something that people tend to ignore? Be sure to choose an omnidirectional antenna with a higher gain, because an omnidirectional antenna will inherently have a shorter reception distance than a directional antenna.

    After installing the outdoor antenna, connect one end of the jumper coaxial cable to the outdoor antenna, and the other end to the BTS/Outdoor port of the indoor mobile phone signal booster. It is recommended to wrap electrical tape at the interface between the jumper cable and the outdoor antenna to prevent poor contact caused by water ingress and affect the use effect. In addition, use cables above 5D-FB to minimize line loss. In addition, it is necessary to ensure that the position of the outdoor antenna is a certain distance from the indoor mobile phone signal amplifier to meet the isolation requirements. If you don’t know it, you can first find a place where you need to pull a 15-meter jumper coaxial cable to install the outdoor antenna. Generally, this distance absolutely meets the requirements.

    Finally, connect one end of the jumper to the MS/Indoor port of the mobile cell phone signal repeater, and the other end to the indoor antenna. One thing to note here is that if you want to install two indoor antennas or more, you should install the mobile phone signal booster in a relatively middle position. Then the output of the indoor antenna is easy to control. Generally, the output of the indoor antenna is 10dBm, which can exert the best coverage effect.

    Of course, if the above things have been done, but still no effect. It doesn't matter, I have to teach you a trick that can easily solve the no signal of the mobile phone at home. That is to contact me directly and let professional people do professional things.

    I'll share it here today, see you next time.

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