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How does a wireless WIFI bridge achieve outdoor HD live broadcast?

How does a wireless WIFI bridge achieve outdoor HD live broadcast?


I believe that many friends who have watched outdoor live broadcasts know that most anchors use mobile phones to do outdoor live broadcasts, and the pixels are generally poor. If professional shooting tools such as video cameras, cameras, etc. are used, how can the video be broadcast live? What about synchronization? Also a problem. Today I will share with you how to achieve outdoor HD live broadcast.

Everyone generally thinks that live broadcast needs to rely on the network, so if you use a mobile phone to broadcast live, you need to use mobile data or WIFI network to transmit live video images. In this way, what the mobile phone captures will be synchronized to the live broadcast platform. Facts have proved that most Internet celebrity anchors do this. However, due to the hardware limitations of the mobile phone camera pixels, the live broadcast effect will not be ideal. Even if an additional high-pixel mobile phone camera is installed, the effect is actually limited.

wireless hdmi transmitter

But there is one thing that can perfectly improve the current predicament, and that is the wireless WIFI bridge. Where is this thing so good? First, you can get rid of the limitations of the network. That is to say, video data can be transmitted over long distances without any WIFI connection or mobile data hotspot. Although it is called a wireless WIFI bridge, it actually only uses the bandwidth of WIFI, and does not require WIFI to transmit video data. Video data is transmitted between the bridge and the bridge through a private network. It may be a bit unbelievable to everyone. To give an inappropriate example, imagine using the remote control to turn on the TV. If the distance is far, it will not work, but if the distance is not too far, we can give commands to the TV at close range. The wireless bridge is to use the air as a medium to transmit video data to the paired wireless bridge over a long distance.

The second is that there is no need for data transmission between lines, which is very convenient and greatly saves costs. You can imagine that doing outdoor live broadcasts can be as visual as shooting a variety show with a camera. Will that be able to gain more fans and greatly improve the live broadcast effect? Because not only the picture quality will be greatly improved, but the shooting angle and distance will also become more flexible and changeable. Even our wireless bridge can deliver 4K video without delay. In today's live broadcast era, have you smelled the business opportunities of this black technology?

In addition to ordinary live broadcasts, some live broadcasts of news can also use a wireless WIFI bridge, use a camera gun to shoot live pictures, and transmit the video pictures back to the studio in real time. The application of wireless WIFI bridge is so extensive that you can't imagine.

So how is this used? In fact, it is very simple. Taking outdoor live broadcast as an example, the wireless WIFI bridge has an interface, and our interface can be customized to meet a variety of video electronic products. We can provide a wireless bridge with any interface for the camera. . And our wireless bridge is rechargeable, and the power capacity is absolutely enough to support a live broadcast. There are rechargeable batteries in the wireless bridge. Then after the camera is connected to the wireless WIFI bridge, we install another wireless WIFI bridge in the recording studio, connect it to the computer in the recording studio, and then we can see the real-time video image returned. So it only needs to be broadcast in the studio. The effect is the same as your direct live broadcast, but compared with mobile live broadcast, the picture quality will be much higher, and the live broadcast effect will be better.

Of course, if you have friends who are interested in the follow-up and do not know how to use and install them, feel free to privately message me in the background. We are professional in making wireless WIFI bridges.

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