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How to boost mobile phone signal at home

How to boost mobile phone signal at home


    Recently, many friends have privately messaged me the mobile phone signal coverage king, asking me how to enhance the mobile phone signal at home, usually in youth apartments, or mainly rented houses in urban villages, or even in remote mountainous areas. So today I will share with you how to enhance the mobile phone signal at home.

    First of all, everyone thinks that the difficult problem is the installation and wiring of the outdoor antenna. Especially for friends who are working and renting, it is almost impossible to install outdoor antennas and wiring. First, they don’t know how long they will live, and secondly, the owner may not agree, so they often don’t matter in the end. In this case, I suggest that you talk to your landlord about the benefits of installing a mobile phone signal repeater, which will not only improve the quality of life, but also become a major selling point of rental houses, and the houses will be rented by more people. In this way, you don't even have to pay for the cost yourself, and the landlord will solve it. For specific signal coverage methods, you can read my other articles, which have detailed introductions, so I won't expand them here.

cell phone signal booster for rural areas

    Today, I will explain in detail how to do signal coverage in remote areas and rural areas, especially the installation of outdoor antennas. Generally speaking, the signal coverage of rural areas in mountainous areas are some engineering projects. By installing high-power mobile phone signal booster, high-gain receiving antennas are used to receive signals at the top of the mountain or in higher terrain, and then high-gain transmitters are used to receive signals. The antenna points towards the village to be covered. But friends who live in rural areas in the mountains obviously can't use this method. The distance from the top of the mountain or the place with high terrain is far away. It is obviously unrealistic to pull the wire in the past, and the wire loss will be very serious.

    Prepare a relatively strong and long bamboo pole, install and fix the log periodic antenna on the top of the bamboo pole, if the house is surrounded by mountains and forests, you can insert the bamboo pole into the soil to fix it. Or fix it on a tree, extend the antenna to the top of the tree, and then face the direction of the nearest base station. There is a very important detail, do not buy cheap 3D cables, at least use 5D cables or more to minimize cable losses. In this way, better signal sources can generally be received in rural areas in mountainous. The best cell mobile phone signal booster for rural areas is a machine with a higher uplink power, which is very suitable for use in such areas with weak signal sources. The overall cost is not high, but it can easily solve the problem of weak signals and greatly improve the quality of life.

    Of course, if there are some large-scale signal coverage solutions, you can find my mobile phone signal coverage king to solve it. Share this today, see you next time.

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