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How to enhance the 5g signal strength of the mobile phone? Teach you a trick to solve it easily

How to enhance the 5g signal strength of the mobile phone? Teach you a trick to solve it easily


    I have received a lot of private messages in the past few days, all asking me how to enhance the 5g signal strength of my mobile phone, complaining that the 5g mobile phone I just bought often displays 4g instead of 5g. Or the received fake 5g signal is actually 4g. So today I will teach you a trick to easily solve the 5g signal problem of your mobile phone.

    Everyone needs to understand a situation first. The construction of 5g base stations is not yet mature. After all, the cost is one thing, and the popularity is another. It is impossible for operators to invest so much to build 5g base stations to cover the 5g signal area. After all, they may not be able to recover the cost. So it is best to first find out if there is a 5g base station nearby, basically you can see it when you open the map.

    If it is confirmed that there is a 5g base station nearby but the mobile phone cannot receive the 5g signal, then we have room to operate. Just need to install a 5g mobile phone signal repeater to easily solve the problem. Install an outdoor antenna at a high place where 5g signals can be received, facing the direction of the 5g base station. Then install a 5g mobile phone signal booster indoors, and then install an indoor antenna to the coverage area. For the detailed installation method, you can read my previous article, and each step is explained in great detail.

dual band 5g signal booster

    Of course, in view of the fact that the coverage of 5g is really not wide, many friends buy 5g mobile phones, but most of the time they only use 4g. We have developed a mobile phone signal amplifier that combines 4g and 5g, which can amplify the strength of 4g and 5g mobile phone signals at the same time, which is very practical. There is no doubt that it will gradually replace the pure 4g mobile phone signal booster.

tri band 5g signal booster

    We even developed a tri-band 4g 5g mobile phone signal amplifier, which can amplify the frequency bands of all operators at the same time. Currently developing a five-band 5g mobile phone signal booster, interested friends can find us.

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