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how to increase mobile network signal in home

how to increase mobile network signal in home


    A friend of mine privately messaged me a question in the background, that is, can a mobile phone signal repeater increase the Internet speed of a mobile phone? In fact, this issue is indeed controversial. Because not only are there different opinions, but each has its own evidence and arguments. Some people say, no, the mobile phone signal booster does not really change the bandwidth, how can it increase the Internet speed of the mobile phone? Some people also said, yes, originally I couldn't make calls and couldn't keep up with the Internet, but after installing the cell phone signal amplifier, I can make calls online. So today, on this issue, I would like to share my views with you.

how to increase mobile network signal in home

    First of all, it must be admitted that the mobile phone signal amplifier has no direct relationship with the Internet speed of the mobile phone.

    Let's take a look first, what are the factors that affect the speed of mobile phone network? It can be roughly divided into the following aspects: network standard, transmission network bandwidth, differences in environment, number of concurrent users, and server performance.

    Network system: Different systems have different network capabilities. For example, 5g network speed is greater than 4g, and 4g is greater than 3g.

    Transmission network bandwidth: It is the egress bandwidth of the network. For example, if the bandwidth of user equipment deployed in a rural area is insufficient, the Internet access speed of users in the rural area will be slowed down.

    Differences in the environment: This is easy to understand. Even if it is a 5g network, the speed of the same mobile phone may be different in different locations, because the degree of wireless coverage is different.

    Number of concurrent users: refers to the number of users accessing the network at the same time under the same base station. If there are many concurrent users, the network speed will slow down. For example, when everyone is watching videos on their mobile phones, the speed will slow down. In fact, it is simply a matter of base station capacity.

    Server performance: It refers to the performance of servers that provide network services, such as news servers and music servers. If there are a large number of visitors at the same time, the speed will be slowed down when the mobile phone accesses them. At this time, the performance of the server needs to be improved.

    After having a general understanding of the factors that affect the mobile phone network speed, as some friends mentioned, the mobile phone signal booster does not change the bandwidth and has no ability to improve the capacity of the base station. Therefore, the mobile phone signal repeater does not directly change the mobile phone network speed. . That statement is obviously tenable, but there is an indirect relationship between cell phone signal boosters and cell phone internet speeds, though there is no direct relationship.

    If you can't even receive a signal, you can't get online. So this is easy to understand. It is equivalent to a process from scratch after installing a mobile phone signal amplifier. Does that count as an increase in mobile internet speed? This is a matter of opinion. Strictly speaking, if you want to go to the next level from the already fast mobile phone network speed, then the mobile phone signal amplifier basically cannot do it. But if you can't even receive the signal originally, if you can't access the Internet, then installing a mobile phone signal amplifier can solve the problem.

    To put it simply, the mobile phone signal repeater can improve the Internet speed of the mobile phone to a certain extent, and realize the Internet speed from scratch. Therefore, if the mobile phone cannot receive the signal at home, the friends who cannot access the Internet or the Internet speed is very slow may wish to install a set of mobile phone signal booster, which is still helpful.

    Share it here today, see you next time.

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