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How to judge how range of the mobile cell phone signal booster can cover?

How to judge how range of the mobile cell phone signal booster can cover?


    Recently, many friends have privately messaged me, and one of the most frequently asked questions is how to judge the coverage of mobile phone signal repeater. It has to be said that this question is indeed very important. Many friends have no concept when choosing a signal amplifier, so they can't judge how much range the signal booster on the market can cover.

mobile cell phone signal booster

    First of all, you need to know what factors will affect the coverage. I roughly divide it into several factors. The first is improper installation, the second is the power size, and the third is the field environment.

    I'll start by explaining why improper installation affects coverage. Improper installation of the outdoor antenna will result in the failure to obtain the best signal source, and the mobile phone signal amplifier will not be able to output full power. In general, the signal booster can only output at full power if a signal of -50dBm is obtained outdoors. But in fact, -50dBm is already a strong signal strength, and the full signal strength is generally -70dBm. So in fact, in many cases, it is difficult for the mobile phone signal repeater to achieve full power output. If there is such a strong signal strength, why should it be used?

    The second factor is the intuitive power of the cell phone signal booster. The higher the power, the larger the coverage area; the lower the power, the smaller the coverage area. Of course, this foundation is only based on the same quality of the machine. Many mobile phone signal amplifiers on the market do not have full power in order to save costs, and then falsely standard parameters, so try to choose some big brands.

    The third factor is easy to understand in the field environment. The number of walls, the thickness of the walls are completely different, and whether there are other sources of signal interference, and the length of the actual wiring is too long, which will affect the actual signal coverage effect. the elements of. So it is advisable to consult the supplier before choosing a signal amplifier to provide engineering drawings or architectural sketches of the project to be covered. It is convenient for the supplier to make installation diagrams or installation suggestions for you.

    After talking about so many factors that affect the coverage of the mobile phone signal booster, some friends will ask, but it still doesn't tell me how to judge how much coverage the mobile phone signal booster can cover. Well, I have to take out my press box treasure and share the dry goods with you. I hope that friends who find it useful can give a like. Thank you.

    When the signal booster is fully output, the coverage range is 10dBm, which can cover 100-300 square meters indoors; 15dBm output power, which can cover 200-600 square meters indoors; 20dBm output power, which can cover 600-1000 square meters indoors ; Output power 27dBm, can cover 1000-3000 square meters indoors; output power 30dBm, can cover 2000-5000 square meters indoors; output power 33dBm, can cover 3000-6000 square meters indoors, outdoor can cover 1-3 kilometers; output power 37dBm, indoor coverage of 6000-10000 square meters, outdoor coverage of 2-5 kilometers; output power 40dBm, indoor coverage of 10000-15000 square meters, outdoor coverage of 3-6 kilometers; output power 43dBm, indoor coverage of 15000-23000 Square meters, the outdoor can cover 4-8 kilometers.

    Now everyone will choose a mobile phone signal amplifier. You can directly choose the amplifier with the corresponding power according to your own needs. Of course, you must also take into account the factors that affect the coverage effect. If you are really unsure, you can consult me or the supplier. . Another point is that if you just want to cover 200-600 square meters, you only need a signal amplifier with a power of 15dBm, but if the supplier tells you that a signal amplifier with a power of at least 20dBm is required, be careful at this time. Merchant. Many merchants use the actual power of 15dBm to mark the machine as 20dBm.

    Well, I will share it here today, follow me, and I will not miss it next time I have dry goods to share.

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