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How to shield WIFI signal? Wifi signal jammer is the best choice

How to shield WIFI signal? Wifi signal jammer is the best choice


    Want to block WIFI signals at home? Want to block the cell phone signal in the company's conference room? Mobile phone signal blocker can meet your needs. Today we share the Wifi signal jammer also called mobile cell phone signal jammer.

    Wifi signal jammer is also called Wifi signal blocker, which can shield 2.4G and 5G Wifi signals. The corresponding frequency band is 2300~2500 MHz/2500~2700 MHz/5200~5400 MHz. Generally, the transmission power of Wifi signal jammer for household or civil use is between 15W and 30W, and the effective shielding distance is 3-20m. Of course, the specific shielding distance needs to take into account the signal strength of the actual use environment. If the local signal strength is too high, the mobile phone signal blocker may not work properly.

wifi signal jammer

    Our main control board adopts the RF chip with the highest efficiency in the world. The slow start circuit design can avoid the sparking phenomenon caused by mechanical switches, and the metal aluminum shell is used. No harm to human body. It is applicable to schools, meeting rooms, concert halls, cinemas, detention centers, labor reform teams, large, medium and small prisons, gas stations, oil depots, oil fields, gas stations and other flammable and explosive places.

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