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Installation and commissioning requirements of underground pipe gallery communication system

Installation and commissioning requirements of underground pipe gallery communication system


1. Lay the coaxial cable

        When laying the coaxial cable, it is laid in sections according to the design plan. Special tools should be used to cut the cable. A special cable fixing clip should be installed every 1 meter along the cable. After placing the cable on the wire clip, tighten the screws. Pay special attention to the coaxial cable. The minimum bending angle of the cable, if the angle is too small, the cable will be damaged. In addition, the hole diameter of the fixing clip should match the cable. If the hole diameter is too small, the cable will be damaged due to excessive pressure.

2. Install the donor antenna

        Install the donor antenna at the designated position according to the design plan. The donor antenna is generally installed in a pole-mounted way. It is best to use a stainless steel pipe with a diameter of about 50mm as the pole. The pole should be firmly fixed on the cement foundation or wall and withstand 60 winds above m/s. The installation height and direction of the antenna correspond to the radiation direction of the base station signal. You can use the test mobile phone to test the signal quality of the communication base stations of the three operators at different azimuths and altitudes, and select the altitude and azimuth fixed donor antenna with the best signal quality.

        Special attention should be paid not to arbitrarily change the installation position of the donor antenna specified in the design plan. In special cases, when the position must be adjusted, it should not exceed the range of 10 meters from the designated position, because the variation range is too large, which will extend the distance between the donor antenna and the repeater host. The feeder length increases and the signal loss increases, resulting in the signal source of the repeater being too low.

3. Install the repeater host

        The repeater host should also be installed in the installation specified in the design plan. It should be noted that the repeater is a heating device, which will generate a lot of heat when it is turned on, so the installation position should be kept as favorable as possible for heat dissipation. The repeater host is generally fastened to the fastened wall by wall-mounted installation. The back of the repeater is a heat sink, which needs to maintain a distance of about 10cm from the wall to avoid heat accumulation and cause the repeater to pass. The repeater needs to be equipped with a special power socket to ensure that the power supply is stable and the load capacity meets the power consumption needs of the repeater equipment.

4. Install the overlay antenna

        Also install the coverage antenna in strict accordance with the location specified in the design plan. Generally, the mobile phone signal system scheme of the pipe gallery requires that the coverage antenna be installed in the middle position on both sides of the top of the ceiling of the pipe gallery, fixed with a special antenna bracket, and an antenna is installed every 100 meters.

5. System connection

        Install the segmented cables on the connectors, and then connect the antenna, repeater host and combiner, power divider, coupler and other room components one by one strictly according to the design plan. All connectors must be firmly connected before waterproofing. Tape is wrapped between the cable and the connector for waterproofing. The connection is to pay attention to distinguish the port of the power divider and the coupler are connected correctly. The BTS port of the repeater is connected to the donor antenna, and the MS port is connected to the indoor distribution system.

6. System opening and debugging

        After the installation and connection are completed, check the entire room sub-system to ensure that the connection is correct and then power on the repeater equipment. Observe the indicator lights and display screen according to the repeater operation manual to check the operating parameters. Adjustment.

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