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Is the cell phone signal jammer really that magical? Let's explore

Is the cell phone signal jammer really that magical? Let's explore


    Many friends have heard of the mobile phone signal jammer, but they think it is used for official authority, such as large-scale examination, military field, security field, etc. Therefore, many people think that the cell phone signal blocker does not have too much intersection for us. It is true, but recently a friend asked me how the cell phone signal jammer blocks the cell phone signal? He thought it was very magical and unreasonable. So today, let's find out.

    The mobile phone signal blocker is also called the mobile phone signal jammer. Its working principle is equivalent to letting the mobile phone receive the shielding signal of the jammer, so that the mobile phone cannot receive the signal of the base station. It's like someone speaks to you very loudly, and his voice covers the voice of another person, so you can't hear the voice of another person. Of course, this is just for me to explain easily. The real principle is different.

    So is the cell phone signal jammer really that magical? Yes, as long as the power of the mobile phone signal blocker is large enough, the mobile phone can only receive its shielding signal, thus achieving the effect that the mobile phone has no signal.

    However, the actual use effect is often unsatisfactory, especially in areas with high mobile signal strength. The mobile signal shield is basically useless and can not compete with the signal transmitted by the base station.

    So for ordinary people, the mobile phone signal jammer is still useful. You can use some hand-held mobile phone signal jammer, or choose some low-power ones to use in the children's room to prevent children from distracting themselves when doing homework. The cell phone signal blocker can shield even Bluetooth, so listening to music via Bluetooth headset is not allowed. Special attention should be paid not to affect other people, and it must be ensured that the mobile phone signal of other people is not affected.

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