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Is there any difference between 5G mobile phone signal booster and 4G mobile phone signal booster?

Is there any difference between 5G mobile phone signal booster and 4G mobile phone signal booster?


    A friend privately asked me if the 5G and 4G mobile phone signal boosters are the same, why is the 5G mobile phone signal booster still not boosting the 5G signal? Since some friends may be the first to come into contact with the term mobile phone signal booster, let's first explain what a mobile phone signal booster is.

    As the name suggests, a mobile phone signal booster is to enhance the signal of the mobile phone, so as to get rid of the trouble of normal calls and Internet access caused by weak signals. Some people will ask, can we ordinary people do it? This should only be done by telecom operators, right? This is not the case. For most signal coverage needs, the tools that need to be used are outdoor antennas, feeders (also called jumpers), signal amplifiers, and indoor antennas. As long as you understand the function and meaning of each tool, in fact, everyone can become a professional installer.

    The outdoor antenna is used to receive outdoor signals, so when we install the outdoor antenna, it must be in a place where the mobile phone can receive the best signal. The feeder is a tool used to connect these tools, which will cause gain loss, so it is not as long as possible. A signal repeater is a tool to amplify the outdoor signal to ensure better indoor signal coverage. Indoor antennas are used to cover weak signal areas indoors.

5g signal booster

    The above picture is the installation diagram of the simplest home coverage scheme. After a simple explanation, let's go back to the first question. A friend asked me why I installed a 5G mobile phone signal amplifier, but the 5G signal was not enhanced?

    Do you know what is the antenna frequency of the general 4G mobile phone signal booster? Usually 698Mhz-2700Mhz full-band outdoor Yagi antenna or plate antenna. What is the frequency band of 4G? The common DCS-1800Mhz and LTE-2600Mhz are all within the frequency range of the antenna. However, the 5G frequency band is not in the range of 698-2700Mhz, so the antenna cannot receive 5G signals outdoors. What about enhancement? The 5G signal amplifier needs a 5G antenna, and the installation is the same as that of the 4G antenna. Only with the 5G outdoor antenna and indoor antenna, the 5G signal amplifier can work normally.

    As far as I know, some manufacturers have newly developed a mobile phone signal booster that enhances 4G and 5G signals at the same time. That's right, it's actually me. It is also in view of the fact that the current construction of 5G base stations is not very mature, and some are pseudo-5G 4G signals. In order to ensure that everyone's 5G mobile phones can get rid of weak signal problems, this kind of equipment that can enhance 4G and 5G signals at the same time has been developed. The only flaw is that it has not been able to cover 2G calls at the same time, but these will be broken one by one in the future.

    I will share it here today. If you have any problems with signal coverage, you can privately message me, and I will solve it for everyone. Follow me, see you next time.

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