Full Coverage Of Digital High-Definition Video Surveillance

Construction time: May 2017

    1. 4000 channels of digital HD video.

    2. Covering 36 village neighborhood committees, 33ch/km² HD video.

    3. Use more than 3000 sets of wireless bridges.

    4. Two town-level monitoring centers, 36 villages Residential Committee Secondary Monitoring Center.

    5. The construction period of 4 months has been accepted.

wireless bridge

    Amplitec R&D started in 2006, focusing on mobile communication technology research, providing mobile communication public network cellular coverage equipment and large bandwidth, TDMA protocol-based wireless private network equipment.

    The company's wireless private network equipment, which has been vigorously promoted in recent years, combines TDMA and 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax technologies, with the stability of industrial wireless private networks and the economy of commercial products.

    The company's business direction is mainly focused on the application and development in the webcasting, industrial Internet, smart city, and smart security market, providing users with professional equipment and overall solutions for urban video surveillance based on a wireless private network.

    After more than ten years of development, our cooperative customers spread across the whole industry, distributed in important fields such as urban security, forest fire prevention, ports and terminals, highways, drones, webcasting, etc., and have been recognized by users.

wifi bridge

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