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There is no outdoor signal on the mobile phone, how to do outdoor signal coverage?

There is no outdoor signal on the mobile phone, how to do outdoor signal coverage?


fiber optic repeater

    Many friends live on rural areas in some mountain villages. Because the base station construction is still relatively backward, they cannot receive good signals even outdoors. So today, I will share with you how to do outdoor signal coverage when the mobile phone has no signal outdoors.

    If a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools. When we are doing outdoor signal coverage, the first thing is to choose a mobile phone signal booster with excellent performance. Because general mobile phone signal boosters are used in indoor environments such as homes and offices, and the power gain is low, indoor mobile phone signal boosters generally cannot be used for outdoor signal coverage.

    Generally speaking, if it is not a low-quality mobile phone signal amplifier that cuts corners and has an output power of 33dBm, it can be applied to outdoor signal coverage. The specific coverage can be referred to for your reference, but it should be noted that the premise of these data is that the signal repeater must output at full power. What is full power output? The simple understanding is that the outdoor antenna must receive a good signal strength. With an output power of 33dBm, it can cover 1 to 3 kilometers outdoors; with an output power of 37dBm, it can cover 2 to 5 kilometers outdoors; with an output power of 40dBm, it can cover 3 to 6 kilometers outdoors; with an output power of 43dBm, it can cover 4 to 8 kilometers outdoors.

    Amplitec 43dBm Bandwidth Adjustable Cell Phone Outdoor Tower Booster Signal Amplifier Repeater is recommended here to easily solve outdoor signal coverage.

    Therefore, when we choose outdoor mobile phone signal amplifiers, we can choose products according to this standard. Of course, it is best to ask the supplier about some specific installation plans and the related collocation of mobile phone signal boosters, etc. After all, professional things must be left to professional people. What we know is basically the stuff that stays in the furry stage, just so that everyone can have a basic concept, and it will not be impossible to start.

    Of course, mobile phone signal amplifiers are not omnipotent. If you can't find a good signal source nearby, there is no way to apply the above solutions. A fiber optic repeater is required, which is often referred to as a fiber optic machine. It is possible to receive a strong signal source from a long distance and transmit it to a mobile phone signal amplifier and then amplify it through an optical fiber. This method can minimize the line loss, but wiring is very labor-intensive and expensive, and not everyone has the ability to do it. But because it conforms to many practical application scenarios, this fiber optic machine is still very popular. However, the price of the product is not expensive, but the construction cost is very high.

    I will share it here today. I hope that after reading it, when there is no outdoor signal on the mobile phone, you will know how to do outdoor signal coverage.

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