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What functions should mobile phone signal booster for outdoor signal coverage have?

What functions should mobile phone signal booster for outdoor signal coverage have?


    What kind of mobile phone signal repeater should be selected when dealing with the large-scale signal coverage scheme in outdoor remote areas? And what functions should mobile phone signal repeater have?

    The demand for signal coverage in outdoor rural areas is increasing, including remote mountain areas, underground pipe corridors, tunnels, remote rural areas, etc. With the continuous development of infrastructure, the construction of base stations can not keep up with the pace of infrastructure development. Therefore, the project party must rely on its own efforts to find a mobile phone signal amplifier suitable for outdoor mobile phone signal coverage and solve the problem of signal coverage blind zone in the region.

    What functions should the mobile phone signal repeater for outdoor signal coverage have? First of all, the coverage area must be large enough and the heat dissipation performance must be good enough. Local monitoring and remote control functions must be available to facilitate the connection of laptop computers to debug parameters during on-site installation, and remote monitoring and control in the future to save maintenance labor and material costs. The automatic gain control function is required because it covers a wide range of signals. Once the signal is unstable, it will affect the mobile phone experience of many users.

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    Then there is the problem of cost, because the function and parameter performance of the high-power outdoor engineering chassis will be much better than that of the ordinary household mobile phone signal amplifier. Therefore, its cost will be slightly higher. However, in the face of absolute benefits, cost is only one of the considerations. You may want to know about outdoor mobile phone signal booster of Amplitec.

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