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What is a full Netcom mobile phone signal booster

What is a full Netcom mobile phone signal booster


        Guangdong Amplitec Tech Development Co.,Ltd full Netcom mobile phone signal booster supports frequency bands of all operators in the world, including LTE, E-GSM, GSM, CDMA, PCS, AWS, DCS, WCDMA, so it is called full Netcom mobile phone signal repeater.

        According to different areas and building structures, different types of telecommunications mobile phone signal amplifiers are selected.

        Antenna distribution: Use directional eight-eye antennas outdoors, and the direction of the antennas can point to the company's transmitting base station as much as possible to achieve the best receiving effect. Omnidirectional antennas can be used indoors, with an installation height of 2-3 meters (the number of antennas installed and The location is related to the indoor area and indoor structure), only one antenna needs to be installed for an indoor unobstructed range of less than 300 square meters, 2 antennas are required for the range of 300-500 square meters, and 3 antennas are required for the range of 500-800 square meters. 

        Mobile phone signal amplifier installation: generally installed at more than 2 meters above the ground. The distance between the installation location of the device and the indoor and outdoor antennas should be routed with the shortest distance to achieve the best effect.

        The use of wires: the standard of the broadcast and television feeder of the mobile phone signal booster is 75Ω, but the mobile phone signal amplifier is the communication industry, 50Ω is the standard, and the wrong impedance will deteriorate the system indicators. The thickness of the wire is determined according to the actual situation on site. The longer the line, the thicker the wire should be to reduce the attenuation of the signal.

        All indoor and outdoor antennas should be connected before the equipment is powered on to avoid damage to the equipment. The indoor and outdoor antennas should be installed on different planes as much as possible.

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Where do cell phone signals come from?

        I believe that many people have heard the terms base station or signal station (tower), but it is actually a kind of thing. And cell phone signals are transmitted through what we call a base station.

How are cell phone signals generated?

        Base station is a general term. It includes two parts: computer room and antenna. The computer room is equipped with main equipment (2G, 3G, 4G, Wlan), transmission cabinet, power supply cabinet, lightning protection equipment, smoke & temperature fire extinguisher (one person high), battery pack ( It is used for emergency automatic activation after power failure), air conditioning (you are right, it is air conditioning, used to cool the computer room), the antenna part includes feeder (linking the main equipment and the antenna, the material is pure copper and the loss is large, so it is generally used now fiber) and antenna. Then the generation of the signal, after simplifying the work process, is to generate and transmit the signal through the antenna of the main device.

What is cell phone signal?

        Cell phone signals are electromagnetic waves that are transmitted between the base station and the cell phone. Professionally called carrier wave, it converts voice signals into electromagnetic wave signals that are conducive to propagating in the air to achieve the purpose of communication transmission.

What are electromagnetic waves?

        In simple terms, electromagnetic waves are oscillating particle waves that are derived and emitted in space by electric and magnetic fields that are in the same phase and perpendicular to each other. It is an electromagnetic field that propagates in the form of waves, and has wave-particle duality. The propagation speed is the speed of light. (Sound waves need a medium), electromagnetic waves are absorbed and reflected when encountering metal, and are weakened when they are blocked by buildings, etc., and are weakened by wind, rain, and thunder. The shorter the wavelength and the higher the frequency of electromagnetic waves, the more data is transmitted per unit time.

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Why is the speed of 2G 3G 4G 5G getting faster and faster in the Internet, but the signal stability is getting worse and worse?

        According to the transmission characteristics of electromagnetic waves mentioned in Q4, we will answer this question. The frequencies of 2G-3G-4G signals are increasing, so their wavelengths are decreasing. If there are no obstructions (such as metal, walls, etc.), there is no doubt that the data throughput per unit time, that is, the network speed, is increasing.

        Let's talk about the stability of the signal in detail. Electromagnetic waves have wave-particle duality, that is, the diffraction force with wave characteristics and the penetrating power with particle characteristics. In theory, the penetration of electromagnetic waves increases according to frequency, but considering the walls of reinforced concrete structures, high-frequency electromagnetic waves emitted from distant base stations will be attenuated to a greater extent, so when we are blocked by buildings, the main What is considered is the wave characteristic of electromagnetic waves, that is, the diffraction force. The longer the wavelength, the stronger the diffraction ability, that is, the stronger the ability to bypass obstacles.

        The frequency of 2G-3G-4G is increasing, so the wavelength is decreasing, so the 2G signal has stronger diffraction ability than 3G and 4G when facing a building. That's why we don't have 4G or have poor 4G in some buildings, but 2G call quality isn't affected.

To sum up, is the signal in the higher and more open places better?

        Usually, the signal is better in an open place because there are no obstructions, but there are some special cases. Before answering this question, let's talk about the communication relationship between the base station and the mobile phone. It is simple to understand that our mobile phone will communicate with all the surrounding people. The base station within the working range sends the request command, and only the base station with the strongest signal will establish a connection with the mobile phone, and other base stations receive the request command but ignore it.

        According to this theory, if we are in a high-rise building, due to the lack of blocking by other buildings, the signal strengths of all the surrounding base stations are almost the same, and they may all be involved in establishing a connection. Switching base stations causes instability. The same is true for open areas, but the difference is that the population in open areas is sparse and waste of resources is considered. Operators will provide necessary coverage in the area instead of excessive coverage (the number of base stations will be much less than that of buildings).

Why do some basements, elevators, and other buildings have signals, while others do not?

        In fact, this is the most fundamental coverage problem. The difference is that the base stations we usually see are called macro-cell base stations. Buildings such as basements and elevators are special buildings, and the signals cannot be effectively diffracted. Therefore, we need to do an indoor Covering the project, we call it a microcell base station. When there is a signal in this type of place where you are, it means that the area has been covered indoors. Generally, you will see a white ceiling antenna on the roof.

Why is the signal bad in places with many people?

        In fact, a small number of people will not affect the quality of the signal, but the call will not be connected, and the quality of the call will become poor. This is because there are many people using mobile phones, and the occupied channels are relatively large, and even cause channel congestion. Eventually lead to bad perception.

How can we optimize my signal?

        Choose the mobile phone signal repeater from Guangdong Amplitec Tech Development Co.,Ltd, which has good quality and powerful functions, and can 100% solve your weak signal problem.

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