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What is a wireless WIFI bridge?

What is a wireless WIFI bridge?


    If you haven't heard of wireless WIFI bridges in the 21st century, you must read this article carefully. Because you will sigh how obvious the convenience and progress brought by the development of science and technology to human beings today.

    First, what is a wireless bridge? As the name implies, it is the bridging of wireless networks, which uses wireless transmission to build a bridge of communication between two or more networks. In layman's terms, in fact, a wireless bridge is a transmitter and receiver of video images. Don't worry, I say this, everyone must have no worries in their hearts. However, after understanding the application of the wireless bridge, everyone will suddenly become enlightened.

What is a wireless WIFI bridge?

    Talk about a very common application, that is, surveillance cameras. Surveillance is used in some households, surveillance is also used in most companies, and surveillance is required on urban roads. In traditional monitoring, video data is transmitted through optical fibers. What is the biggest drawback? That is the trouble of construction, because it is necessary to wire and pull the optical fiber from the monitored place to the monitoring room. If it is the monitoring of urban roads, it will be very troublesome. To bury the optical fiber underground, you need to open the road, causing environmental damage. And the construction time and cost are very large. However, if a wireless bridge is used, no wiring is required. The wireless bridge for long-distance transmission only needs to be installed, and the monitoring video data can be sent back to the monitoring room immediately. Greatly saves time and labor costs. According to statistics, the labor cost and time cost of wired monitoring and wireless bridge monitoring are almost 20 times different.

    Let's talk about a very important application. The interns of the hospital want to learn more knowledge and accumulate more experience through on-site surgery. However, it is obviously impossible to go to the operating room to watch the video. If traditional video teaching is used, most of the monitoring in the operating room can only be connected to one device to watch the video, which is extremely inconvenient. However, if the technology of the wireless bridge is applied, the interns can watch the operation in the operating room from multiple rooms at the same time. This is the point-to-multipoint technology of TDMA bridges. Not only people in this hospital can watch, but people in multiple hospitals can watch the live broadcast of the surgery at the same time. The significance of this application is absolutely extraordinary. We, Amplitec, are even making further improvements, that is, adding an interface for VR glasses on the wireless bridge device, so that you can watch live by connecting to the VR glasses.

    Finally, I will talk about a potential application, Internet celebrity live broadcast, which everyone is familiar with. However, the current outdoor live broadcasts are subject to a large degree of technical limitations. If you rely on mobile phones to broadcast live broadcasts, the pixels are definitely not ideal. Anyone who has watched outdoor live broadcasts will know this. If you use a professional camera, you have to solve the problem of how to transmit the video back. You can't drag the optical fiber cable everywhere to shoot, right? However, if you install a wireless bridge on the camera, then you can transmit the video image back to the computer background in real time, and then the computer background will share the live image in real time. This kind of picture quality can reach high-definition, or even 4K picture quality. Including the shooting of TV news also requires the use of wireless bridges. Therefore, the application of wireless bridges in live broadcast is very potential.

wireless bridge

    The sharing of wireless bridges is here today. See you next time.

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