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What is the 4g 5g dual band mobile phone signal booster?

What is the 4g 5g dual band mobile phone signal booster?


    With big promotion of 5G network construction in major developed regions all over the world in 2021, 5G users are increasing significantly. However, because the global 5G frequency mostly use 3.5GHz frequency, the higher the carrier frequency, the shorter the wavelength, the greater the space loss, and the easier it is to be shielded by obstacles,which means that it is difficult for the outdoor 5G base station to cover 5G indoor signal, which seriously affects the experience of 5G users.

C20M-BxNx 4G 5G dual band series is specially designed to improve 5G signal for home and office pico repeater. by installing the donor antenna at outdoor where there is good signal strength, the donor antenna would send the picked up 4G 5G signal by the coaxial cable to the pico repeater BTS port, after the 4G 5G micro-power repeater detects the 5G BTS signal, it quickly analyzes the SSB ARFCN and time slot parameters, and after synchronizing with the BTS, the BTS signal is enhanced and sent to the service antenna, to achieve indoor 4G 5G signal coverage for the weak or blind indoor area.

Product Features:

Adaptive 5G base station SSB ARFCN and time slot ratio, fast and accurate synchronization. 

MGC, manual control of output gain with 1dB step in the range of 31dB.

AGC, when the received signal is too strong, the device will start the AGC function to reduce the gain, and automatically turn off the downlink output when the received signal exceeds the control range of the AGC.

Real-time detection of the isolation between the donor antenna and the service antenna.

Automatic shutdown function, when the system is self-excited by the insufficient isolation, the device will automatic shutdown the uplink and down link output power.

Idle turn-off function, when there is no user in the coverage area,  the device enters the sleep mode to reduce interference to the base station.

Support OTG or Bluetooth connection to mobile APP to achieve management.

Support 4G modem wireless connection to network management cloud platform to realize remote centralized management.


Technical Specification:                                                      






Any one of band 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 20, 28


Any one of band NR 41, 77, 78

Band width

Could be customized



≧ 60dB




≧ 75dB

Output power


≧ 17dBm

≧ 17dBm




Ripple in band





Manual gain control rangeMGC

1~31dB @  Step of 1dB

Automatic gain control rangeAGC



Max input power without damage

-10 dBm

-10 dBm

input intermodulation

Fully comply with 3GPP

output intermodulation

Fully comply with 3GPP

Spurious Emission

Fully comply with 3GPP

Error vector magnitudeEVM

LTE≦8% RMS, NR≦3.5% RMS



≧33dB@P ≥ 31 dBm, ≧20dB @ P < 31 dBm


≧33dB@P ≥ 31 dBm, ≧20dB @ P < 31 dBm

Noise figure

≦ 6dB

Time delay


TDD synchronization

Adaptive synchronization

Local maintenance

LCD+ press buttons; Bluetooth connection mobile APP

Remote monitoring

4G Modem, wireless connection network management cloud platform

Remote Monitoring Item

Operating temperature, Frequency, Gain, DL input level, DL output power, UL input level, UL output power, isolation, Device ID, Alarm information

Remote Set item

ALC threshold, UL and DL gain adjustment, Alarm threshold,

Factory setting.

Power supply

AC (110~220V, 20%) to DC 12V/2A

Power consumption


RF connector

SMA -Female

Local control connector

Micro USB

Protect grade


Heat dissipation

Aluminum alloy radiator natural heat dissipation

Shell material


Environment temperature

-10℃ ~ 55℃

Environment humidity

≦ 95%





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