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What should I do if my mobile phone has no signal and cannot make calls?

What should I do if my mobile phone has no signal and cannot make calls?


        I believe that many people will sigh that even in the 21st century, there will still be situations such as no mobile phone signal. Is there any way to solve it? After all, everyone in today's society is inseparable from their mobile phones. If the mobile phone has no signal, it may be a huge loss to miss a call.

        In fact, China's communication base station construction has been very successful in the whole world. In foreign countries, in fact, the communication infrastructure in many places is so poor that you can't imagine it. Even in an open place, the mobile phone cannot obtain a signal. Can you imagine a living environment that is isolated from the world? Improving cell phone signal strength is more about improving people's quality of life.

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        Closer to home, how can we improve our cell phone signal strength? First of all, we must understand two concepts, one is the strength of the mobile phone signal, and the other is the frequency band.

        Let's first understand what is mobile phone signal strength? To put it simply and bluntly, it is the signal grid. The more signal grids, the stronger the mobile phone signal strength is. Then to explain from professional terms, in the field of communication, the measurement of the communication signal strength of a wireless base station at a location can be expressed in dB. For example, the communication signal strength of a wireless base station at a certain intersection measured is -70dBm. The stronger, the value here is the ratio of the useful signal strength at that intersection to all signals (including interfering signals). Generally, above -70dBm is the signal strength of the full-scale signal that we often see.

        How to understand the frequency band? Suppose there are 100 people who all want to do laundry by the river, but if the places are not divided, there will be people arguing for places. Therefore, in order to facilitate the management of operators, it is stipulated that each operator has its own frequency band, such as vodafone, T-Mobile, etc., all have their own frequency band, which is regulated by the international 3GPP. 900Mhz, 1800Mhz, can also be expressed as GSM, DCS, in fact, it is also one of the frequency bands.

        When you fully understand the above two concepts, things will become easier to handle. After quantifying this abstract concept, as long as I use mobile phone software or measure the mobile phone signal strength and carrier frequency band in my location, I will The mobile phone signal can be enhanced and covered in a targeted manner.

        You need to use a thing called a mobile phone signal repeater. If you want to enhance the signal of the mobile phone 2g (900Mhz), 3g (2100Mhz), 4g (1800Mhz), the measured signal strength of the location is -100dBm. The above data can be measured with a mobile app without any technology and cost. If you really don't understand, you can directly ask the mobile phone signal amplifier business, and they will recommend the most suitable products to you. Back to the topic, after obtaining this information, if we want to solve the problem of no mobile phone signal, it is very simple, choose a three-band mobile phone signal amplifier, which supports 900Mhz, 1800Mhz, 2100Mhz, and can provide a large enough dB value , so that the final signal strength is greater than -70dBm, then the mobile phone can obtain a full signal, saying goodbye to the trouble of weak signal.

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