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When installing a mobile phone signal booster, how should the outdoor antenna and indoor antenna be installed?

When installing a mobile phone signal booster, how should the outdoor antenna and indoor antenna be installed?


Omni Ceiling antenna

        When many friends install the mobile phone signal booster, they will worry about how to install the outdoor antenna and the indoor antenna, and where should they be placed? What installation details should I pay attention to? Today I will clear all doubts for you.

        First of all, it is easier to solve all problems if they are understood from the essence. How does the mobile phone signal repeater work? Simply put, a good signal source is obtained through the outdoor antenna, and then transmitted to the signal booster through the jumper. After the signal is amplified, it is transmitted to the indoor antenna through the jumper. Finally, the indoor antenna transmits the amplified signal source to the coverage. destination. It's not difficult to look at, but in fact, the details and knowledge inside are great.

        We must first understand the classification of antennas. The antennas in the signal coverage are mainly divided into two types, one is an omnidirectional antenna, and the other is a directional antenna. Omnidirectional antennas cover 360°, with a broad range but not far; directional antennas cover within a certain angle, with a narrow and far range. Rubber antennas, also called fiberglass antennas, are typical outdoor omnidirectional antennas, while Yagi antennas and plate antennas are typical outdoor directional antennas; wall-mounted antennas are typical indoor directional antennas, while ceiling antennas and whip antennas are typical indoor omnidirectional antennas. antenna.

yagi antenna

        After having a general understanding of the classification of antennas, we will explain the installation of outdoor antennas in detail. The installation of the outdoor antenna must meet two conditions. The first condition is to obtain a good signal source, so try to install it in a high place. It must be installed in a position where the mobile phone can receive the best signal, and if the outdoor antenna is If a directional antenna is selected, the antenna port should face the nearest base station during installation. The second hidden condition is to ensure sufficient isolation, and the distance between the outdoor antenna and the signal booster should be far enough, so as not to cause self-excitation, otherwise the signal amplifier will not work properly or even be damaged. Having said that, it is recommended that you try to choose a mobile phone signal amplifier with automatic cut-off function, so as to effectively protect the signal amplifier from damage caused by improper operation or environmental changes. In addition, it is recommended to use electrical tape to seal the interface between the jumper and the outdoor antenna for waterproofing. The above details are the things to pay attention to when installing an outdoor antenna.

        Compared with outdoor antennas, indoor antennas have less installation details, but you must choose the right ones. If your coverage area is relatively round, it is recommended to choose an omnidirectional antenna. Generally, a ceiling antenna covers a radius of about 3-5 meters. If it is relatively narrow and long, it is recommended to choose a directional antenna, and there is no problem in mixing and matching, which can reduce the blind area of signal coverage and achieve omnidirectional signal coverage without dead ends. In addition, if the coverage is too large, it is necessary to use passive devices such as power dividers and couplers to increase the placement of indoor antennas, so as to achieve better signal coverage.

        In addition, it must be fixed well when installing, so as to prevent the antenna from falling and hurting people, and it will also affect the use effect of the antenna. When choosing an antenna, be sure to consult whether the frequency band corresponding to the antenna is suitable for your own signal booster. Generally, there is a frequency range such as 698-2700mhz. However, be careful that some people will sell antennas that are not full-band as full-band, which will greatly reduce the signal enhancement effect, because the signal source in the frequency band cannot be obtained.

        Today, I will share it here, I hope it will help everyone in the installation.

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