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Why can't my phone receive a signal? Cell Phone Signal Booster Helps You

Why can't my phone receive a signal? Cell Phone Signal Booster Helps You


I believe that everyone has experienced the pain of no mobile phone signal, neither making calls nor surfing the Internet. So why can't the phone receive the signal?

The mobile phone must receive the signal transmitted by the base station before it will display the signal grid. However, the construction of base stations is not so perfect in every place, after all, it requires costs. Therefore, many places belong to the signal blind area. In this case, the mobile phone signal amplifier can help you.

Cell phone signal repeater, also known as cell phone signal boosters, are used for indoor or outdoor weak signal enhancement. The point is, the cell phone signal amplifier is a tool to amplify weak signals. Weak does not mean no, so in the case that the signal cannot be received at all, the mobile phone signal amplifier is ineffective. Don't be in a hurry to scold me first, the completely unreceived signal here refers to the outdoor antenna, not our mobile phone. We only need to find a way to make the outdoor antenna receive a good signal to solve the problem of no mobile phone signal. If it is a dense rental house like an urban village, the signal strength will be greatly reduced because of obstacles, which is why mobile phones in urban villages often fail to receive signals.

high power signal booster

Therefore, we should try to install the outdoor antenna at a high place or in a position where there is no obstruction to the nearest base station. If you really can't receive outdoor signals, you can also choose high-gain outdoor directional antennas, such as large plate antennas, grid antennas, etc. Gain can reach 18dBi and 24dBi. If it is an open environment like a mountain village, first we can get a relatively strong and long pole and fix it in the soil. Then install an outdoor antenna high up on the pole. If this method is ineffective, it is difficult to solve it with our personal ability. You can contact the local manager to install a high-gain outdoor antenna on the top of the mountain where the village can receive good outdoor signals, and then use a high-power mobile phone signal booster to use it directly toward the village. In this way, people in the entire mountain village can solve the problem of no mobile phone signal.

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