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Why is the quality of cell phone signal repeater getting worse and worse?

Why is the quality of cell phone signal repeater getting worse and worse?


    Recently, I have seen many friends say that the mobile phone signal booster is useless. I bought many mobile phone signal boosters on the Internet for testing, but the result is that the mobile phone signal has not been improved. I also fell into contemplation, why is the industry like this now?

    In my opinion, the communication industry is a sunrise industry, because there is no limit to people's pursuit of the ultimate experience. When you are used to the goodness of 5G, you will want to enjoy a better experience than 5G. Looking at the world, the construction of base stations in most countries is still relatively poor. After all, the construction cost of base stations is also very high. If operators cannot make ends meet, how can they improve the coverage of base stations? Therefore, there are still many places where the mobile phone signal cannot be received, or the mobile phone can only receive a very weak signal. In the 21st century, most people's lives have long been inseparable from mobile phones. Since you can't count on the operator, you can only install a mobile phone signal repeater to improve the strength of the mobile phone signal.

    It must be said that this market demand is still quite large, and even has an upward trend. Because there are still many people who do not know that mobile phone signal boosters can be used to improve mobile phone signals, as the Internet information age becomes more and more developed, mobile phone signal boosters appear more frequently in people's field of vision. At the very beginning, the parameter indicators of the mobile phone signal booster were all done according to the operator's standard, because there was almost no demand in the civilian market at that time, and it was mainly the operator's business. As we all know, the quality of mobile phone signal repeater supplied to operators must be strictly controlled, and the cost is naturally high. So in this way, everyone does not understand where this quality is embodied.

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    First, all parameter indicators cannot affect the operation of the base station. Because the amplified signal will be transmitted back to the base station, why can't I make calls in some places? That is, if the signal cannot be transmitted back to the base station, people naturally cannot hear what you say. If the quality is not strictly controlled, some useless or even harmful parameters will be amplified together, such as noise. Once backhauled to the base station, it will increase the burden on the base station. Therefore, the precision and performance of the parts that need to be used should be very good, which is one of the manifestations of quality.

    Second, powerful functions are standard. Isolation automatic detection function, automatic gain control function, automatic cutoff of uplink when no user is in use, remote local monitoring function, etc. I believe these functions are unheard of for those friends who say that mobile phone signal amplifiers are useless. It is precisely because of such powerful functions that various weak signal problems can be easily solved without causing load to the base station.

    However, today, after more than ten years, the voice of the civilian market is getting louder and louder. This cake is too fragrant. Therefore, in order to eat more cakes, suppliers have to cater to the characteristics of the civilian market to sell corresponding products. What are the main groups of people in the civilian market? That is a non-professional in-demand buyer. Therefore, no matter how good the quality of your mobile phone signal amplifier is and how powerful the function is, it is very pale in the face of high price. Non-professionals naturally do not understand appreciation, and the price/performance ratio cannot be reflected.

    Therefore, the mainstream of the civilian market has become cheap. As long as the price is acceptable to ordinary people, and most people can use it to improve the mobile phone signal, it will be enough. Replace the parts with poorer ones and lose all functions. Even if the parameters and indicators do not meet the standards and cause a load on the base station, even if you know that many people buy it back, it will not work. These are not important, and the cost will be reduced.

    Did they do it wrong? In fact, not necessarily, in my opinion, it just conforms to the trend of the times. After all, the choice is still in the hands of consumers. It's just that there are too many ordinary mobile phone signal boosters, and everyone thinks that mobile phone signal boosters are just like this. There is a cognitive bias.

    Therefore, it is not that the quality of mobile phone signal amplifiers is getting worse and worse. It's just that sometimes we make the wrong choice. Friends, you get what you get for every penny, and existence is reasonable. Every penny we spend should at least be worth it.

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