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Why is the signal of the mobile phone signal booster installed still not enhanced?

Why is the signal of the mobile phone signal booster installed still not enhanced?


        First of all, are you greedy to buy a low-quality mobile phone signal booster cheaply? There are many unscrupulous merchants who will use inferior mobile phone signal amplifiers to deceive consumers. The actual output power is only 15dBm, but they will falsely claim to be 20dBm. The circuit board only supports dual-band, but it is falsely claimed that this is a tri-band, quad-band, and five-band mobile phone signal booster. If you only compare the price, the products of unscrupulous merchants will appear high quality and low price, so many consumers will buy inferior mobile phones signal repeater. That would essentially result in suboptimal coverage.

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        Secondly, are the installation details in place? It is necessary to ensure that the outdoor antenna and the mobile phone signal booster have sufficient isolation, otherwise, self-excitation will occur, which will cause the mobile phone signal amplifier to fail to work normally, or even damage the machine. Isolation refers to the loss of the signal between the coverage antenna port and the donor antenna of the wireless repeater. It can also be divided into vertical isolation and horizontal isolation, which have different index requirements accordingly. Isolation is an important factor in the application of repeaters. Only when the isolation problem is solved can the repeater be used normally. Academically, it refers to the ratio of the signal transmitted by one antenna and the signal received by the other antenna to the signal of the transmitting antenna. In practical applications, it is enough to ensure that the outdoor antenna is far enough away from the mobile phone signal extender. It is recommended to buy a mobile phone booster with an automatic cut-off function, so that even if the isolation is not enough, the machine will not be damaged.

        In addition, pay attention to losses, mainly space losses and line losses. The more obstacles and the farther the distance between the mobile phone signal booster and the indoor antenna, the greater the space loss and the worse the actual coverage. In addition, the jumper cable used as a bridge also has losses. The longer the length of the jumper cable, the greater the loss, and the worse the quality of the jumper cable, the greater the loss. Therefore, it is very important to choose a reliable supplier. If there is a quality problem in one of the details, it will greatly affect the effect of signal coverage.

        Whether the mobile phone signal booster is purchased correctly is also an important factor. If you buy a mobile phone signal repeater with too low power and want to cover a large area, or if you buy a single frequency band and want to cover 2g 3g 4g 5g at the same time, it is doomed to fail. of. Therefore, when specifying a signal coverage plan, you must conduct an evaluation calculation. If you really do not understand, it is recommended to contact the supplier and let the supplier give you the best signal coverage plan. cause unnecessary losses.

        The last factor that is most easily overlooked is the acquisition of the signal source. If the location where the outdoor antenna is installed cannot receive a good signal source, the function of the mobile phone signal amplifier cannot be maximized, and the acquisition of the signal source determines the quality of the signal. Therefore, when installing an outdoor antenna, try to find the best signal source for installation at a high place. There are often people who clearly know that the quality of the amplifier is fine, and the loss is calculated accurately, but in the end it still has no effect. . If the signal source is too poor, even if the signal is amplified, the signal quality is very poor and cannot be transmitted back to the base station through the uplink.

        If you have any questions about indoor and outdoor mobile phone signal coverage, please feel free to contact Guangdong Amplitec Tech Development Co.,Ltd. As the most professional mobile phone signal booster manufacturer in China, Guangdong Amplitec Tech Development Co.,Ltd product quality is trustworthy.

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