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4G mobile phone signal is poor, is it all to blame for the operator?

4G mobile phone signal is poor, is it all to blame for the operator?


4g mobile signal repeater 

       4G mobile phone signal amplifiers, we usually find that around the community or when taking the train through the tunnel, or when shopping in the mall. Both the network signal and the communication signal on the mobile phone are very poor. This phenomenon makes many people have certain questions, why in this era of Internet communication, there is still such a phenomenon as poor signal?

        When the mobile phone signal is weak, many people will immediately think of the problem of the mobile phone manufacturing process, but the other performance of the mobile phone is good, why is it so poor in terms of communication? In fact, it is not related to the manufacturing process of the mobile phone. Each mobile phone has its own standard for signal detection, which is why, under the same poor mobile phone signal, one mobile phone displays a full signal, while another mobile phone displays a 1-bar signal. The main reasons for poor communication and network signals are as follows.

        Mobile phone signal repeater, as we all know, 4G mobile phone signal booster needs a signal transmission intermediary, so this relay station as signal transmission is naturally a signal base station. Because the strength of the mobile phone signal is limited (too high will cause harm to the human body), so the signal can only be sent and then received by the signal base station. Then, if there are few signal base stations within a certain range, the signal transmission will become weak because the distance is too far. Many people will say that the cell signal is so poor, why not build several signal base stations in the cell?

        In fact, the focus of this problem is still on the harm of wireless transmission to the human body, because the community has residents on every floor, so the residents of each building are reluctant to install a signal base station on the roof of their own building, and naturally listen to other buildings on the roof. Saying that it may be bad for people's health is naturally unwilling. Therefore, there is a problem that it is difficult to search for signals in the central area of the cell. This is the problem caused by the scarcity of signal base stations. This is also the main reason for the weak signal in residential areas.

        4G mobile phone signal repeater, we also know the fact that in places with a lot of people, the mobile phone network is very stuck. Although the communication signal displayed by the mobile phone is full, it still leads to the mobile phone network and communication signal being very stuck and inconsistent. bad phenomenon. Why is there such a situation? Because the signal base station is also limited in capacity, and today's mobile phones are standard for people to travel. The number of people who use it will naturally cause the signal to be unable to be received by the signal base station. To solve such problems, you still need to go to places with fewer people to experience better communication network functions of mobile phones.

        We will find that in elevators, shopping malls, and tunnels, the signal will weaken a lot, and even lose contact when passing through the tunnel. This also refers to the problem of signal transmission. Signal transmission is also equivalent to the transmission principle of light. The light becomes dark after being blocked by obstacles, and the same is true for the signal. Because the general signal base stations are built outdoors, the signal must be weaker than indoors. Because there is no signal base station built in the tunnel, and the walls of the tunnel are very thick, and some tunnels are built under a mountain. Then naturally there will be no signal.

        How can 4G mobile phone signal amplifier solve this problem? Many netizens reported that as long as the mobile phone is moved to the balcony or next to the window, the signal will inexplicably improve, so this is also the reason for being close to the outdoors, because there are no obstacles in front of the window. So move it outdoors, I believe the signal will be better, of course, the premise is that there is a signal base station nearby. As for the time to go through the tunnel, you should be obedient, and do not use the mobile network communication function.

        Another reason is that the hardware of the mobile phone is damaged. After the mobile phone is used for a long time, because the hardware also has a certain lifespan, some aging problems will occur. At this time, the function will be infinitely weakened, and the same is true for the reception and transmission of network signals. Another point is the wear and tear of the SIM card. We usually find a phenomenon when we pull out and insert the SIM card. There are three scratches on the SIM card. These three scratches are actually produced by the chip inside the phone to connect to the SIM card. So different mobile phones have different directions to pull and insert the card, so naturally a phenomenon is caused. The wear position of the mobile phone card is messy, and different areas of the SIM card have different working principles. Therefore, the number of times of pulling and plugging in this way will naturally cause wear and tear of the SIM card, which will lead to poor contact during contact, and will naturally cause weak or intermittent signals. Therefore, it is recommended that you try to avoid plugging and unplugging the mobile phone card multiple times to avoid damage to the SIM card.

        It is also mentioned that the wireless communication interferes with the mobile phone signal. According to media reports, the radio waves emitted by some cable TVs will directly affect the transmission of mobile phone signals, so this is also the reason for poor mobile phone signals. Mobile phone signals are not allowed on the plane, which is also for fear that the mobile phone signal will interfere with the radar system for aircraft positioning. Therefore, the radio waves emitted by other devices will also directly affect the mobile phone signal. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid using mobile phone communication in an environment with many devices when using mobile phone communication.

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