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C20L-5B-EU Five Bands Signal Repeater for Europe
C20L-5B-EU Five Bands Signal Repeater for Europe
  • C20L-5B-EU Five Bands Signal Repeater for Europe
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C20L-5B-EU Five Bands Signal Repeater for Europe

Product Features

*Large-size OLED screen to display device’s operating parameters,

*Real time isolation detection function. Device will auto detect and alarm when at insufficient isolation,

*Idle stand-by function, uplink will auto enter stand-by mode while no active users in the coverage area, to decrease interference to the base station,

*MGC manual gain control function, with 1dB step to attenuate gain among the range of 25dB

*ALC auto level control function to ensure stable signal,

*Light weight, compact design, low consumption and easy installation methods,

*MTBF can be up to 100,000 hours.

C20L-5B-EU is a highly intelligent five bands wide band signal repeater, specially designed for Europe market by Amplitec R&D team. Amplitec R&D team adopts EDA digital simulation technology, elaborately select and repeatedly check the components and circuit match of it. All core components are purchased from original manufacturing factories which are famous worldwide. All original designs are to ensure the perfect technical specification and performance. In addition, C20L-5B-EU adopts Amplitec’s patent technique, isolation detection and digital ALC, which makes the device’s performance and functions are both much better than similar products.

C20L-5B-EU, with five bands of EGSM900, DCS/LTE1800,WCDMA2100,LTE800,LTE2600, can amplify 2G 3G 4G and 5G wireless network of all mobile operators in Europe. It carries with features like novel design, easy installation and engineering methods, and 20dBm downlink output power to cover an area of up to 500 square meters, which makes it a perfect option to enlarge and enhance the signal coverage of villa, office, elevator and basement, etc.





Band 20

832 ~ 862 MHz

791 ~ 821 MHz

Band 8

880 ~ 915 MHz

925 ~ 960 MHz

Band 3

1710 ~ 1785 MHz

1805 ~ 1880 MHz

Band 1

1920 ~ 1980 MHz

2110 ~ 2170 MHz

Band 7

2500 ~ 2570 MHz

2620 ~ 2690 MHz

Output Power

15±2 dBm

20±2 dBm


65±3 dB

70±3 dB

Ripple in Band

≤6~15 dB

≤6~15 dB




Max. Input Power without Damage

-10 dBm

-10 dBm

Intermodulation Products

≤-40 dBc

≤-40 dBc

Spurious Emission


≤-36 dBm

≤-36 dBm


≤-30 dBm

≤-30 dBm

 ATT attenuation value error

1~10 dB

∣△∣≤1 dB

∣△∣≤1 dB

10~20 dB

∣△∣≤1 dB

∣△∣≤1 dB

20~25 dB

∣△∣≤1.5 dB

∣△∣≤1.5 dB

ALC active 10dB value error

∣△∣≤2 dB

∣△∣≤2 dB

LCD Indication


Display working frequencies


Display uplink/downlink gain


Display downlink output power


Display self-oscillation alarm

LED Alarm


Light on when power-on and light off when power-off


ALC active 10 dB, indicator is red


ALC 20dB, indicator is red and PA will be shut down

Idle Standby Function

@max. gain, uplink input signal -80dBm for 20s, uplink PA will be off. When uplink input signal ≧-75dBm, uplink PA will be ON immediately

Noise Figure

≤8 dB

≤8 dB

Time Delay

≤1.5 μs

≤1.5 μs

Power Supply

DC12 V / 3 A

RF connector


Protection Grade


Environment Temperature

-10~ +55