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Earn it back in a month? What is HNT? HNT project introduction

Earn it back in a month? What is HNT? HNT project introduction


Helium hotspot miner

What is HNT?

        HNT coin is the native asset on the Helium blockchain. It will be used as a reward to divide the community personnel who have joined the Helium concept from four levels: network infrastructure development, consensus, network data transmission, team and initial investors. There is no pre-mining of HNT coins, all the different people and functions used to encourage contributions to the Helium network. Helium is a decentralized wireless network dedicated to providing open, large-area worldwide wireless network coverage for IoT devices supporting the LoRaWAN standard.

Project Description

        Helium was founded in 2013 by ShawnFning, AmirHaleem and SeanCarey with a mission to make building connected devices easier. With a Helium hotspot, everyone can earn cryptocurrency based on creating a wireless network in their city and creating a more connected future.

        Helium is a peer-to-peer wireless network created for low-energy IoT devices to connect to the Internet. Using data transmitters for Hotspots and other IoT devices, network maintainers can demonstrate their contributions to the network and be rewarded with HNT tokens according to ProofofCoverageChallenges. ProofofCoverage is a proof-of-work (POW) algorithm that uses electromagnetic waves to verify whether Hotspots can provide services. HNT has been listed on Binance, the world's largest exchange.

        At this stage, Helium has received a number of global first-tier venture capital investments, including: KhoslaVentures, FirstMarkCapital, GoogleVentures, HSB/MunichReVenture, UnionSquareVentures, MulticoinCapital, etc.

Technological innovation

        1. Distinctive physical blockchain: First, when referring to blockchain, security, decentralization, and unreliable messages are considered. That's what Helium is after, and it's a very good combination to fill the negatives of the iOT industry. The Helium blockchain is built from the ground up to incentivize all who can give affordable, non-proprietary, long-distance, power-efficient network coverage to easily connect devices, sensors, and machines to the Internet. They do this by allowing everyone to deploy a Helium gateway; 1 machine's wireless hotspot, usually an RF wireless hotspot, uses a "proof of coverage" consensus mechanism to reward "miners" (Helium gateway deployers) for maintaining the gateway Operate and give coverage of applications and equipment.

        2. Unique consensus mechanism: Helium uses 3 unique consensus mechanisms:

        Coverage area consensus mechanism: Unlike other blockchain proofs that are computationally intensive, coverage area proofs are new proofs used by providers to prove valid locations and wireless network coverage.

        Location Consensus Mechanism: Briefly describe a system that uses WHIP to explain the physical location of a device without expensive and power-hungry satellite positioning hardware. A device can impose immutable, secure and verifiable demands on its location at a specific moment recorded in the blockchain.

        Serialized consensus mechanism: The serialized consensus mechanism according to Google's Roughtime protocol allows miners to prove in a cryptographically secure form that they accurately represent the time relative to others in the network. Helium fuses all of this with an asynchronous intricate fault-tolerant protocol, giving high transaction rates (thousands of transactions per second instead of a few), transaction encryption and censorship resilience to build people's new Helium consensus protocol.

        3. WHIP wireless protocol: 1 new open source and compliant wireless network protocol, called WHIP, specially formulated for low power consumption machines. The agreement is dedicated to operating current commercial radio chips from dozens of manufacturers without the need for proprietary technology or modulation planning required.

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