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Guangdong Amplitec Tech Development Co.,Ltd successfully developed 4G 5G mobile phone signal booster

Guangdong Amplitec Tech Development Co.,Ltd successfully developed 4G 5G mobile phone signal booster


    First of all, congratulations to Guangdong Amplitec Tech Development Co.,Ltd for successfully developing a mobile phone signal repeater that integrates 4G and 5G, and now it has been mass-produced after multiple tests without problems. Not only that, the results of this research and development can not only make 4G and 5G dual-band mobile phone signal repeater, but also make 4G+4G+5G or 4G+5G+5G tri-band mobile phone signal booster. If you don't know the significance of this, be sure to read this article.

    5G is already the trend of the times, not only the update and iteration of 5G mobile phones, but also the core technology behind the Metaverse is 5G. However, the construction of 5G base stations has not yet reached the extensiveness of 4G. So in fact, many places cannot enjoy the experience brought by 5G. Even, the false 5G and other claims are derived, the mobile phone shows the 5G network but the network speed is only 4G. Moreover, 5G is not yet widespread. In a family, some people may use 4G mobile phones, and some people use 5G mobile phones. So more and more voices are reaching us mobile phone signal amplifier manufacturers, that is, can we develop a mobile phone signal booster that can enhance 4G and 5G signals at the same time?

5g signal booster

    Combined with the feedback from our existing customer groups, it is true that the demand for 4G 5G is very large, so we Guangdong Amplitec Tech Development Co.,Ltd determined to overcome the related problems and successfully developed a mobile phone signal that can amplify 4G and 5G at the same time. enhancer. Not only has multiple powerful functions, such as automatic gain control, isolation detection, automatic cutoff of uplink when no user is used to reduce interference to base stations, etc., but also a variety of test report certification, all indicators are very good. Such a cost-effective 4G 5G mobile phone signal booster, don't you hurry up and learn about it.

    That's all for today's sharing, see you next time.

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