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How can cell phone signal amplifiers play a better role?

How can cell phone signal amplifiers play a better role?


        The so-called mobile phone signal booster does not mean that the actual effect of communication can be improved by installing such equipment in place. The mobile phone signal cannot improve the quality of the data signal by simply getting bigger. The quality of the data signal depends on the signal-to-noise ratio at a large level, and the signal-to-noise ratio index is unlikely to be improved by simply getting larger, because while the reasonable data signal is increased, the noise data signal is also obtained. grew the same.

        There are two ways to improve the quality of the data signal. The first one is the most critical, which is to maximize the energy of the data signal picked up by the wireless antenna in mid-air. Usually, the low system software noise is placed in the position of secondary responsibility, because it is very difficult and impractical to suppress the very low system software noise. Therefore, the most reasonable way to improve the quality of the data signal is to find ways to improve the output of the wireless antenna. However, the output of the wireless antenna lies in the magnetic field strength of the data signal. As long as the position of the mobile phone antenna is clear, no matter which method is used to improve the quality of the data signal, the effect is very limited.

        When the signal is not good, mobile users usually take the mobile phone to look for the data signal according to the data signal logo on the mobile phone. It is a very reasonable way, but it is very inconvenient, because the seat with better data signal may not be the place where mobile phone users can stay often. location. Therefore, choose a gain antenna, set it up in a place with the best data signal, and then connect the wireless antenna to the place where the mobile phone user often stays and connect the mobile phone with the radio frequency coaxial cable, and it becomes possible to use the mobile phone in the place without data signal.

        The above-mentioned method is very reasonable, but there are countless inconveniences. One is that the use of a mobile phone with a communication cable cannot make users agree, and the other is that countless mobile phones do not have a transfer interface for an external wireless antenna. If there is a transfer interface, it may not be possible to buy the configured plug. Therefore, in order to conveniently and reasonably utilize the high-efficiency data signal received by the booster antenna, it is necessary to solve the problems related to the mobile phone signal amplifier for the wireless connection between the booster antenna and the mobile phone.

        Of course, the most important factor is the performance of the mobile phone signal amplifier itself, whether it is manufactured in accordance with the specifications, and whether various indicators are qualified, such as VSWR, noise figure, and whether the gain and outpower are true. Most of the mobile phone signal booster on the market have virtual standard parameters, so many people think that it is ineffective, but it is actually because they bought inferior products. It is recommended that you buy mobile phone signal repeater from Guangdong Amplitec Tech Development Co.,Ltd. The most reliable mobile phone signal booster manufacturer in China, with high-quality product guarantees and certificates, truly 100% solve weak signal problems.

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