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How to choose a 4G mobile phone signal booster?

How to choose a 4G mobile phone signal booster?


        The basic working principle of 4G mobile phone signal booster is using the forward antenna (donor antenna) to receive the downlink signal of the base station into the repeater, and amplify the useful signal through the low-noise amplifier, suppress the noise signal in the signal, and improve the signal-to-noise ratio. (S/N); then down-converted to IF signal, filtered by filter, IF amplified, then frequency-shifted and up-converted to RF, amplified by power amplifier, and transmitted to the mobile station from the back antenna (retransmission antenna); at the same time The uplink signal of the mobile station is received by the backward antenna, and processed by the uplink amplification link along the opposite path: that is, through the low noise amplifier, downconverter, filter, intermediate amplifier, upconverter, power amplifier and then transmitted to the base station. Thereby, two-way communication between the base station and the mobile station is achieved.

        Usually installed mobile phone signal amplifier lines are coaxial cable is divided into 50Ω baseband cable and 75Ω broadband cable.

4G mobile phone signal booster

        We usually need to follow the following steps when purchasing a 4G mobile phone signal repeater:

        1. Check whether the accessories are complete. The signal amplifier is generally composed of the host, indoor antenna, outdoor antenna, outdoor antenna feeder, power adapter, and five parts;

        2. Lead the feeder of the outdoor antenna from the air conditioner drain or window to the outdoors. Or any small opening leading to the outdoors;

        3. Place the outdoor antenna where the signal is relatively good outdoors, and refer to the indoor signal amplifier to see if the signal is full. When the display is not satisfied, you can debug the direction and position of the outdoor antenna;

        4. Connect the other end of the outdoor antenna feeder to the signal amplifier host port. Blue mobile phone signal amplifier with display, just tighten the interface nut;

        5. Connect the indoor antenna to the host interface, and tighten the interface nut;

        6. Connect the small end of the power cord to the power socket of the mobile phone signal amplifier host. 

        We can see 4G mobile phone signal extender installed in the mountainous countryside, tunnel mining areas, ships, rental houses, office buildings, basements, subways, some KTV, bars and other entertainment venues, as well as in the depths of buildings.

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