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How to improve Helium Lora Miner HNT efficiency

How to improve Helium Lora Miner HNT efficiency


The so-called Helium refers to a point-to-point wireless network access technology that provides low-power and wide coverage for IoT devices.

On the one hand, Hotspot, the hotspot access device used by Helium, uses the open source protocol licensed by Apache in the Sub GHz band (the low-power, wide coverage LongFi protocol) to provide wireless network access coverage. Therefore, using Helium's Internet of Things access device Hotspot to provide wireless network coverage can transmit data with low power consumption.

The specific network design principle is based on the real demand that IoT devices are generally geographically distributed and have small data volume. By using the blockchain application technology certification and incentive mechanism, participants are urged to deploy Hotspot access hardware devices to provide wireless network access for nearby IoT devices and earn TNT certificates.

Unlike traditional telecom companies such as AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Softbank, China Mobile and China Unicom, Helium has purchased all the equipment and manpower for centralized planning, management and deployment of wireless networks before generating any revenue. Helium is a completely different innovation breakthrough.

HNT's rewards have two functions: one is to encourage Hotspot to deploy and maintain wireless network coverage; the other is to generate data points through destruction to pay for the hot spot usage fees of wireless network coverage.

Do you think that Helium's lora network only has 868Mhz amplifier and 915 amplifier? That's a big mistake. Now the highest reward is Helium of 5G network. You only need to use 5G band filters to get high HNT rewards.

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