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how to increase mobile signal strength at home

how to increase mobile signal strength at home


    I believe that many people have experienced the pain of no mobile phone signal. When they return home, they feel as if they are isolated from the world. There is no mobile phone signal, and they cannot make calls or access the Internet. Today we will share how to improve the strength of the mobile phone signal at home.

mobile phone signal repeater

    Many friends know that the problem of no mobile phone signal can be solved by installing a mobile phone signal repeater. But when you actually practice it, you will find that many mobile phone signal amplifiers are ineffective. Are they all deceitful?

    First of all, it is certain that the mobile phone signal repeater is absolutely useful, and it is a must to solve the weak signal of the mobile phone. The reason why many friends failed to improve the mobile phone signal after trying to install a mobile phone signal booster is mostly because they bought inferior mobile phone signal amplifiers on the market, blindly coveting the low price. In fact, this thing is worth every penny, and the inferior mobile phone signal booster has no function at all, so be sure to choose a qualified mobile phone signal amplifier.

    Then there will be friends who have questions, how to identify the quality of the mobile phone signal repeater? I will teach you a trick here. First of all, a fully functional one is definitely better than no function. What are the functions? For example, automatic gain control and isolation self-check are necessary. As long as these two functions are present, the quality will not be bad. The isolation self-test function can determine whether there is a problem with the installation. If there is a problem with the installation, the inferior amplifier will be directly burned out, but the isolation self-test function will not, because the power supply will be automatically cut off. Automatic gain control will automatically adjust the gain according to changes in the environment to ensure the stability of signal coverage.

    Then, among the amplifiers with these two functions, you can choose the price that you can accept. I do not recommend that you choose from a bunch of inferior products. It is better to do these things in one step. A bad experience is also a waste of time and cost. It is better to make the money worth it and buy a good sense of life experience.

signal repeater for home

    I won't go into details about the installation here, as there are detailed articles about it before. To put it simply, it is necessary to install an outdoor antenna in a place where a good signal source can be received. If this step can be achieved, the signal coverage is half the success. The second is to choose a signal booster with suitable power. It does not mean that the higher the power, the better. If the power is low, the coverage is not large enough, and the signal coverage effect is not good; if the power is high, the heat will increase, the maintenance cost will also increase relatively, and the radiation will also increase accordingly.

    I'll share it here today, see you next time.

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