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20dBm Single Band Mobile Signal Repeater
20dBm Single Band Mobile Signal Repeater
  • 20dBm Single Band Mobile Signal Repeater
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20dBm Single Band Mobile Signal Repeater

l  Large-size screen to clearly shows operating parameters

l  Real-time isolation detection function, automatically detect and alarm when in  insufficient isolation

l  Self-excitation elimination function, automatically decrease the gain when self-excite which causing by insufficient isolation

l  Auto-shutoff function, automatically cut down downlink output power when in severe self-excitation and over input power

l  Uplink auto-standby function, device enters standby mode when no user in the coverage area to save power consumption

l  Manual gain attenuation, with 1dB step to attenuate the gain among 1-31dB range

l  Auto-level control function to ensure stable coverage

l  Uplink and downlink gain linkage function to keep the balance of uplink and downlink.

C20L series smart signal repeater is a latest high-end product, researched and developed by Amplitec. It is designed with technology and environment oriented conception, as a perfect combination of environmental protection and signal coverage. It carries with features like novel appearance, high intelligence, high circuit integration, low cost, low power consumption, etc.

Aluminum alloy specular shell makes it more technical sense. Large-size LCD screen with blue backlight help users easily get each operating parameter. Smart functions including isolation detection, self-excitation elimination, uplink auto standby and uplink&downlink gain linkage make easier and quicker installation. C20L series repeater provides a rapid and perfect solution to solve and optimize the weak signal of houses, offices, hotels, elevators, underground parking lots and other small weak signal area.




Model/Frequency   Range


824   ~ 849 MHz

869   ~ 894 MHz


(880)890   ~ 915 MHz

(925)935   ~ 960 MHz


1710   ~ 1785 MHz

1805   ~ 1880 MHz


1920   ~ 1980 MHz

2110   ~ 2170 MHz


2500 ~ 2570 MHz

2620 ~ 2690 MHz


832 ~ 862MHz

791 ~ 821 MHz


703 ~ 733 MHz  or 718~748 MHz

758 ~ 788 MHz  or           773 ~ 803 MHz

Output Power

15±2   dBm

20±2   dBm

ALC Active 10dB, Output Power Variation

∣△∣≤2 dB

∣△∣≤2 dB

Rated Gain(Center Frequency)

65±3   dB

70±3   dB

Ripple in Band

CDMA≤8 dB /EGSM≤15 dB / GSM≤8 dB /   DCS≤10 dB / WCDMA≤6 dB / LTE7≤8 dB / LTE20≤15 dB /   LTE28≤8 dB

Intermodulation   Products


≤-45   dBc

≤-45   dBc


≤-30   dBm

≤-30   dBm

Spurious   Emission


≤-36   dBm

≤-36   dBm


-30   dBm

≤-30   dBm

ATT Attenuation (Center Frequency)

1   ~ 10dB



10   ~ 20dB



20   ~ 30dB



LCD Indication




Uplink&downlink   gain


Downlink   output power


Normal   operating: Display , Uplink idle shutoff: No display


Normal operating: No display,   Derating: Display, Self-excitation shutoff: Flash


Not active: No display, Active   5-10dB: Display, Active 15-29dB: Flash

Idle   Shutoff

@Max.   Gain, uplink 5±1 minutes continuous input signal-85dBm(Idle   threshold setting), uplink PA will be OFF, once input signal-80dBm, uplink PA will be ON at once.

Real-time Self-excitation Elimination

Test   on downlink. Derate the gain value when the device is self-excited(Isolation   is less than the gain). If in severe self-excitation(The isolation is 15dB   less than the gain), it will auto shutoff.


Severe   self-excitation shutoff, over input signal shutoff(If beyond ALC range,   uplink&downlink PA will be OFF in 5s. Restart device after 30±5s. It will   permanently shut off if it is beyond ALC range for 5 times, until power-on   again.

Power Supply

DC+5   V

Power Consumption

<6   W

RF   Connector


Operating   Temperature

-10 ~ +55

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