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Is long-distance wireless video surveillance possible? Wireless WIFI bridge to help you

Is long-distance wireless video surveillance possible? Wireless WIFI bridge to help you


    Many friends have privately messaged me and asked me if it is possible to do long-distance wireless video surveillance. I make it clear that this is entirely possible. Some friends will say, isn't it always possible? I can see the surveillance at home on my phone. That one is different, because this is because some monitoring manufacturers have developed some apps, which can support mobile phones to see video monitoring synchronously. However, it is still necessary to connect the surveillance cameras and computer screens at home with wiring. The long-distance wireless video surveillance mentioned today means that you can see the video surveillance picture on the computer screen in real time without wiring.

    Today, let’s explore how long-distance wireless video surveillance is achieved, and why can video data be transmitted out of thin air?

    First of all, let's talk about the application of long-distance wired video surveillance around us. Like surveillance camera guns on the road, surveillance cameras in urban sections, etc. Needless to say, everyone knows the importance of these video surveillance, but do you know how troublesome these traditional video surveillance wiring is? It is necessary to open the construction to bury the optical fiber underground, and transmit the video data back to the monitoring room through the optical fiber. If it is a project with a distance of up to 10 kilometers, the labor cost and time cost cannot be underestimated. The damage and repair to the environment has not yet been considered, so it is precisely because the cost-effectiveness of wired video surveillance is not high that the wireless WIFI bridge was born.

wifi bridge

    What is a wireless WIFI bridge? Briefly explain the working principle of the wireless WIFI bridge. First of all, it is not necessary to have WIFI nearby to use it, but to use the bandwidth of WIFI, and the bridge and the bridge use a private network to transmit video data over a long distance, using air as the medium, transmitting radio waves while receiving radio waves. That's why it's called a wireless WIFI bridge.

    But one of the biggest challenges is the distance and video transfer rate. If the distance is too short, the application scenarios are destined to be very limited. If the video transmission rate is too slow, there will be delays and cannot meet the basic requirement of real-time.

    In response to these problems, we have successfully integrated TDMA technology into wireless WIFI bridges for many years. As for what TDMA technology is, you can check the information yourself, or look back at the articles I wrote before. So what's so great about a wireless WIFI bridge with TDMA technology? First of all, video data can be wirelessly transmitted up to 20 kilometers away, and it is at a rate of 300Mbps. Furthermore, multiple devices can be supported to receive at the same time. What's the meaning? Suppose we install a video surveillance camera on the road, and this real-time surveillance image can be displayed at the same time in all surveillance rooms in the vicinity of 20 kilometers. Of course, it has something to do with the direction of the transmission of the bridge. In other words, the wireless WIFI bridge is limited in angle. If it is 360°, the transmission distance will be relatively short. Of course, to be able to do it at the current level is quite remarkable.

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