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Product Feature:

* Includes the MU (Main Unit), EU (Extended Unit), RU (Remote Unit)

* Integration of 2G, 3G and 4G seamless coverage

* Also access to fixed-line broadband signals and WLAN

* Remote radio unit takes low-power circuit design, reduce overall power consumption effectively

*  With a Gigabit Ethernet port of the Local Extended unit which could support internal soft-switching function

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More and more needs for high-speed data services
Due to the high frequency of LTE, the complex building structures and many other factors, signal loss through the wall is large, which leads to a serious lack of signal coverage
To construct a new indoor distribution system, will face difficulties in coordination with property management company
The components of the system are hard to maintain and the construction quality is uneven
Indoor coverage is unbalanced, low support for the data business
A user complaint analysis shows that over 80% of the complaints are about the inadequate indoor coverage

MDAS (Multi-service digital distribution system access system). Couple  2G, 3G and 4G signals from BTS. Transmit signal to extended unit by fiber optic cable with Digital mode. Broadband signal access and then to be combined in the extended unit. Signal transfers by Gigabit Ethernet port to more remote units. After remote RF unit processed signal to digital, 2G, 3G and 4G signals achieve coverage through antennas. 4G signal use dual antennas to receive and transfer. Broadband signal realizes broadband network coverage through 100M Ethernet port

Fiber distribution, reducing the RF coaxial cable loss and reduce the difficulty of construction project
Fiber Optic Cable feeding, and solve concentrated supply problems of active equipment
Remote Unit (RU) with a small size, light weight which is easy to beautify and reduce user conflict

Apply to hotels, offices, iconic buildings and other indoor distribution system construction
Remote unit (RU) output power is 23dBm/ 27dBm, indoor distribution type equipment generally connect with 8/12 indoor antenna


Project Case: