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New Design C10G Series Wide Band Mini Repeater

New Design C10G Series Wide Band Mini Repeater

New Design C10G Series Wide Band Mini Repeater
We are glad to announce that we design a new model C10G series wide band mini repeater.

C10G series wide band mini repeater is designed with harmonious humanity conception, as a perfect combination of environmental protection and signal coverage. The C10G series products carried with many features like, low consumption, light weight, high gain, low output power and easy installation, etc, It provides a rapid and perfect solution to solve and optimize the weak signal of houses, offices, hotels, elevators, underground parking lots and other small weak signal area.

On the condition that to assure the normal communication, C10G series products using the smallest Rx and Tx power to achieve the link balance among BTS and mobile phone and repeaters, guaranteed that the least Rx and Tx power from the products, the least harm to environmental pollution and human body's radiation.

 C10G series products has ALC and ATT function, which offer the product reliability and the coverage stable signal technically. In addition, the C10G series products adds ALC warning directive function to let users knowing signal quality by the indicator's colour.

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