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The Difference Between 5G And 5G WiFi On Mobile Phones?

The Difference Between 5G And 5G WiFi On Mobile Phones?



        5G on the mobile phone signal booster refers to my country's fifth-generation network data communication. It has a higher rate than 4G, which is the fourth generation of data communication. Ultra-low latency, and more network connection capacity, obviously 5G mobile phones have the above characteristics.

        The 5Gwifi on the mobile phone signal repeater refers to relative terms. In the past, the earlier wifi signals in our country were not very good and were easily blocked by walls. Those were called 2G and 4Gwifi. In order to improve the user experience, my country has developed a new type of wifi, that is, 5G wifi. Its signal is strong, the frequency is high, it is not easy to be blocked by walls, the coverage is also wide, and the speed is also very fast.

        The so-called 5Gwifi of the mobile phone signal amplifier is relative. The mobile phone 5G is a genuine industry standard, and 5Gwifi is just a representative of the high frequency.

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