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The new business opportunity in 2023 is 5g helium

The new business opportunity in 2023 is 5g helium


Do you still think HNT has no investment value? From $30 to only $2 per HNT. Helium miner became a joke? But I still want to tell you one business opportunity: 5g helium.

The thing to say today is that 3.5-3.7 GHz 5g Helium easy to ear HNT $50 a day.

The traditional flarm booster frequency band is generally 868mhz or 915mhz. However, with the devaluation of HNT, fewer and fewer people are involved in mining, unless they are truly committed to developing the IoT. It is true that many companies are seriously doing this. They use the flarm booster to magnify the lora hotspot, making the lora IoT convenient for people's lives.

5g helium

5g Helium is definitely a new opportunity in 2023. Friends only need to replace 5g filters. At present, only Amplitec has the technology to do so. What are you thinking about? Ask and understand immediately.

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