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What is the shielding range of the cell phone signal jammer?

What is the shielding range of the cell phone signal jammer?


cell phone signal jammer 

       The shielding range of mobile phone signal jammer varies according to the power of the product. The high-power signal jammer used in prisons have a shielding radius of hundreds of meters, while the low-power jammers suitable for examination rooms and conference rooms have a general shielding radius. Between 1-10 meters, depending on the strength of nearby signal base stations.

        High-power signal jammer (hundreds of W or even more than 1000W) have very strong shielding capabilities and are suitable for special occasions such as prisons and detention centers. But it is also because its shielding ability is too strong that if it is close to a residential area, it will inevitably affect the normal mobile phone call needs of the nearby people. Therefore, high-power signal jammers are generally used in places that are relatively open and far away from residential areas.

        The shielding radius of low-power signal shields (generally 12W-20W) is between 1-10 meters, and the instructions of some products claim to be between 1-20 meters and 1-30 meters. In fact, the upper limit here is difficult. achieved.

        This is because the shielding effect of the jammer mainly depends on the signal strength of the place where it is used. If multiple signal base stations are set up on the campus of a school, and the mobile phone reception level is ≥-70dBm, the actual shielding of the shielding device will be greatly shortened, and it may only shield a distance of 2 or 3 meters.


        If there is no base station in the campus and the mobile phone reception level is ≥-90dBm, the shielding effect of the mobile phone signal jammer will be very good. There is no problem in shielding the distance of 10 meters. It is enough to put one jammer in one examination room.

        Finally, it's important to note that the shielding range of a shield may change over time.

        As the mobile phone signal transmission base stations in the city are installed more and more densely, the overall signal strength is getting better and better. Originally, the jammer could achieve a shielding range with a radius of 10 meters. Now, with the same machine, the shielding radius may drop to 5 meters. This is not because the jammer is faulty, but the surrounding signal environment has changed.

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