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What should I do if my phone has no signal in the house?

What should I do if my phone has no signal in the house?


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        Some people will say that in the 21st century, there will still be people with poor mobile phone signals? In fact, there are still many places in the world suffering from weak signals, and not all countries are as good as China's communication construction, even the developed countries in the West. Then today Guangdong Amplitec Tech Development Co.,Ltd will help you solve the problem of no mobile phone signal.

The lack of mobile phone signal may be caused by the following reasons.

        1. There is a network problem or the network cannot be covered.

        2. There may be a problem with the mobile phone receiver.

        3. The SIM card is damaged.

Don't worry, Guangdong Amplitec Tech Development Co.,Ltd tells you the solution.

        1. Check whether the mobile phone card slot or the sim card is damaged: you can try to insert another mobile phone card, and then put the sim card of the mobile phone itself on the other mobile phone to see if there is a signal. If the card slot is damaged, it is recommended to replace the card slot. The sim card is damaged, please go to the business hall to replace the sim card.

        2. The mobile phone has no signal caused by the network delay: you can turn on the airplane mode of the mobile phone, and then turn it off after five seconds, or restart the mobile phone.

        3. The signal in the place is not good and the signal cannot be found. You can search for another place.

        4. It may be a problem with the local network base station. It is recommended to contact the current network operator.

        5. Install the mobile phone signal booster of Guangdong Amplitec Tech Development Co., Ltd. As the top mobile phone signal repeater manufacturer in China, not only the high quality of each mobile phone signal repeater is guaranteed, but also every mobile phone signal amplifier is guaranteed. It meets the standards of various countries and is harmless to human health.

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